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UK-Jordan trade agreement to drive growth in investment
A UK-Jordan trade agreement came into effect at the start of this month, preserving preferential trade for Jordanian and British businesses and consumers.
Ukraine plans to negotiate on free trade area with China, Egypt, Jordan, Indonesia
Ukraine has started preparations for negotiations on new agreements on a free trade area (FTA) with Egypt, Jordan, Indonesia and China, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Ihor Petrashko has said.
Trade Ministry prepares to impose tariffs on Turkish goods
Jordan-Turkey free trade agreement’s termination comes after months of failed negotiations.
Jordan, Turkey mull new free trade pact
Jordan and Turkey on Tuesday discussed prospects for sealing a new free trade agreement (FTA) following the Kingdom’s suspension of the previous agreement.
New gov’t maintains position on FTA deal with Turkey
The Jordan-Turkey agreement will be terminated in November 2018.
Jordan to re-assess EU association, relaxed rules deals
Jordan is planning to conduct a study to assess the economic impact of the EU Association Agreement and the EU deal on relaxed rules of origin to Jordanian industries.
Jordan to end Turkish free trade agreement
The deal was suspended in March, but the following month Jordan announced it was willing to reactivate the agreement provided Turkey agreed to meet certain conditions.
Jordan, Turkey to renegotiate suspended FTA
Turkish authorities are ready to look into Jordan’s conditions to reactivate the suspended free trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries, Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Yarub Qudah said Tuesday.
Group of MPs wants cancelled FTA with Turkey reactivated
In Jordan, a group of MPs on Tuesday called on the government to reactivate the recently-suspended Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Turkey.
FTA with Turkey to resume ‘under certain conditions’
Jordan is willing to reactivate the free trade agreement with Turkey, which was suspended last month, if Turkey agrees to meet certain conditions, the government said on Sunday.
Gov’t suspends FTA with Turkey
The FTA with Turkey has not yielded the expected fruits, but has rather further tilted the trade balance in favour of the Turkish side, says Governement.
Turkey to reconsider FTA with Jordan ‘to ensure balance’
Relying the findings of a study by the Amman Chamber of Commerce, business leaders called for revisiting the Jordan-Turkish FTA, noting that trade balance was heavily in favour of Turkey.
Jordan, Kenya to sign FTA before year-end — minister
Jordan and Kenya are expected to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) before the end of the year, Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Yarub Qudah said.
’New agreement to make the most of Jordan-US FTA’
An agreement will be signed on how to maximise benefits from the Jordan-US Free Trade Agreement
Jordan to evaluate free trade agreements — Anani
Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Jawad Anani said that Jordan will revisit all its free trade agreements to assess their benefits to the Kingdom.
Jordan QIZ workers face "undignified" conditions
A human rights organisation has condemned what it describes as "undignified" conditions faced by workers in Jordan’s Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZ), as well as violations at some textile factories outside these zones.
Over 30 countries interested in signing free trade agreement with EEU
Several countries have offered to create free-trade zones with the Eurasian Economic Union including Zimbabwe, Jordan, Syria, Mongolia and Albania.
Mexico begins free trade negotiations with Jordan
Mexico and Jordan held their first round of negotiations for a free trade agreement in Amman, end August.
Jordan, EU urge more Arab states to join Agadir Agreement
Jordan and the European Union on Thursday called on Arab Mediterranean countries to join Agadir free trade agreement between the Kingdom, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.
Jordan, EU launch negotiations for free trade agreement
European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and His Majesty King Abdullah launched negotiations between Jordan and the EU over a comprehensive free trade agreement, reports Jordan Times