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Proposal of new provisions applicable to all services of the secret TISA negotiations
AWP releases a bilingual copy of the Proposal of New Provisions Applicable to All Services and the Annex on Professional Services of the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA).
TPP - draft IP chapter (May 2014)
as leaked by Wikileaks on 16 October 2014
EU-US FTA (TTIP) - draft EU chemicals offer (Sep 2014)
as leaked by CIEL
EU-Canada FTA (CETA) (consolidated draft, 1 Aug 2014)
As leaked by German news outlet Tagesschau
EU-US FTA (TTIP) - draft services/investment offer (May 2014)
as leaked to EPSU and released on 13 June 2014
EU-US FTA (TTIP) - Raw materials and energy (EU negotiating text, Sep 2013)
Dated 20 September 2013, leaked by Huffington Post on 19 May 2014. See Wikipedia analysis here.
EU-Canada FTA (CETA) - IP chapter (Dec 2013)
TPP - draft IP chapter (30 Aug 2013)