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West Asia

Iran, EAEU to ink FTA in mid-December
The FTA is expected to include a zero tariff for 90 percent of commodities exchanged between Iran and the five-member bloc.
EAEU, UAE might make decision on free trade zone by year-end
A decision to start negotiations on a free trade zone between the Eurasian Economic Union and the United Arab Emirates might be made by the end of this year.
India-UAE trade pact comes into force
The UAE is the second or third largest trading partner of India and that country is a gateway to the middle east, North Africa, Central Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.
To get out of the crisis exacerbated by Covid-19: more than a hundred organizations and networks in the Arab region are launching a campaign for debt cancellation and getting rid of "free trade" agreements.
To get out of the crisis exacerbated by Covid-19: more than a hundred organizations and networks in the Arab region are launching a campaign for debt cancellation and getting rid of "free trade" agreements.
China boosts Belt and Road cooperation with Arab countries
China seeks deeper synergy between its Belt Road initiative and Saudi’s 2030 vision.
NAFTA talks must benefit agricultural trade: Mexico
While NAFTA talks continue, Mexico is seeking to diversify its export markets and is expanding agricultural exports to China, Japan, South Korea and countries of the Arabian Peninsula.
Fearing an end to NAFTA, Mexico looks to Middle East for new trade partners
Jose Antonio Meade, Secretary of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico, said that the country will seek to diversify its trade relations with other countries. Trade agreements with the Middle East and Turkey will be a priority.
China plans ’largest free trade zone’ in Horn of Africa
Djiboutian finance minister says new free trade agreement aims to increase China’s presence in Africa and Red Sea regions
Forum Economique Arabo-Hongrois : l’Algérie sera au rendez-vous
Le forum économique arabo-hongrois examinera les moyens de dynamiser les échanges dans plusieurs segments d’activités et d’élever le niveau des flux commerciaux
La coopération économique au premier plan
La diplomatie économique du Royaume du Maroc fait de la promotion des échanges Sud-Sud un choix stratégique du pays
International investment law and the [human right to] land
In many cases, international investment agreements have the purpose and/or effect of hijacking the international human rights system.
Arabs agree to establish a free trade zone by 2015
The agreement to create a customs union to establish a free trade area in 2015 stands out among the results of the Third Summit of Arab Economic and Social Development, which closed here today.
Comesa seeks presence in Middle East
The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) has signalled intentions to expand presence in the Middle East to enhance Arab-African trade relations, despite political turmoil in the region.
Public health related TRIPS-plus provisions in bilateral trade agreements: A policy guide for negotiators and implementers in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean region
The main focus of this comprehensive policy guide—the first of its kind solely dedicated to the region—is to analyze the effect of bilateral trade agreements on public health regimes and access to medicines in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region.
The Middle Kingdom meets the Middle East
With markets and media riveted by China’s hunt for natural resources in Australia, Africa and Latin America, the Middle East story has perhaps been underplayed.
Japan infiltrates the Middle East
Japan is the preferred US candidate among Asian powers to penetrate an increasingly eastward leaning Middle East. In providing advanced technology and investments that the region desperately needs, Japan has an advantage over India and China in this new rivalry for Middle East influence.
Free trade agreements come in for criticism
Bahrain yesterday said it was a “shame” to allow agricultural issues to upstage the WTO negotiations, while Iran held that the increasing free trade pacts have undermined inter-regional dialogues and called for a regional economic and security council.
Middle East moves towards VAT
The taxation environment in the GCC may be on the cusp of significant change.
FTAs: Much more than trade pacts
In keeping with the global trend, it is free trade agreement (FTA) talks galore in the Gulf. Apart from a deal with Lebanon, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are collectively and individually negotiating FTAs with the United States, European Union and India at present.