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White House threatens to hold up key trade deals
The White House is threatening to hold up final passage of three coveted free trade agreements unless lawmakers expand retraining assistance for American workers who lose their jobs because of foreign competition.
Disagreements hold up free trade agreements
The American Farm Bureau Federation supports the proposed US free trade agreements with Korea, Panama and Colombia, while the National Farmers Union is opposed.
Peru sees FTAs with Panama, Costa Rica coming into force in January 2012
Peru’s free trade agreements (FTAs) with Panama and Costa Rica are expected to come into force in January 2012, according to the Andean country’s Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry.
Panama deal opens way for other trade agreements
Administration officials said Tuesday that a free trade agreement with Panama is ready for congressional consideration and that they hoped it will be part of a larger trade agenda that also includes completion of long-pending free trade treaties with South Korea and Colombia.
Panama human rights problems spotlighted in Washington
The list of US criticisms of human rights infringements in Panama under the Martinelli administration continues to grow and the president, unlike the leaders of other countries seeking an FTA, has still not been invited to the White House.
US business sees trade deals approved by July
A new U.S. deal with Colombia to address longstanding labor concerns should clear the way for Congress to pass three long-stalled free trade agreements by July, industry officials said on Friday.
Senate Republicans link nominations to sending Korea, Colombia, Panama FTAs together
Republican senators Monday pressed President Obama to send Congress the pending free trade deals with South Korea, Panama and Colombia at the same time, threatening to block his nominations for commerce secretary and other officials otherwise.
Rethinking trade with Panama
It’s been a year and a half since Canada and Panama signed a free-trade agreement that creates important opportunities for Canadian producers. Parliament should ratify it.
Ag groups urge Senate Finance Committee to act FTAs for Korea, Colombia, and Panama
In advance of a Senate Finance Committee hearing on Wednesday, March 9, with U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, the American Soybean Assn. (ASA), along with other representatives of the U.S. food and agriculture industry, reiterated support for swift passage of the pending U.S. trade agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama.
China in talks over Panama Canal rival
China is in talks to build an alternative to the Panama Canal that would link Colombia’s Atlantic and Pacific coasts by rail – a move that Bogotá also hopes will spur Washington to push for Congressional approval of a US-Colombia free-trade pact.
US aims Latam trade accords to Congress by mid-year
President Barack Obama’s administration aims to send stalled free trade pacts with Colombia and Panama to Congress by the middle of this year after fresh analysis of the situation in both countries, a senior US official said on Monday.
WikiLeaks on Panama: Laying bare the paranoid, pro-corporate agenda
Faced with widespread social opposition, governments adopt an anti-democratic stance as they push through the free trade agenda, becoming so paranoid in the process that they seek to enact illegal wiretaps.
Panama begins campaign for free trade with EFTA
Panama’s Trade and Industry Minister Roberto Enriquez announced on Friday that Panama will begin campaigning for a free trade agreement with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) nations.
Peru president proposes a Pacific Rim integration for South America
Yesterday, Peruvian President Alan García said he wrote letters to the presidents of Panama, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador, proposing the regional integration of the five Pacific rim countries.
Canada introduces bill to enact Panama free trade agreement
The trade agreement will give Canadian companies access to the government procurement market in the Central American country, including the expansion of the Panama Canal, Van Loan said at the time.
Peru, Panama to launch free trade negotiations
The governments of Peru and Panama agreed on Thursday to launch negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement before the end of this year.
Colombia-Panama trade talks move forward
Colombia and Panama have made good progress in the third round of their bilateral negotiations for a free trade agreement, and a fourth round of talks may be held to seal the FTA deal.
Korea seeks FTAs with C. American nations
South Korea is seeking to boost its partnership with Panama, a small Central American country that has strong ties with the United States, politically and economically, and explore the possibility of signing free trade agreements with regional players with the nation’s help.
S. Korea, Panama agree to boost trade, economic ties
South Korea and Panama agreed Monday to forge a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) at an early date and expand economic partnership.
Canada free trade agreement with Panama signed
A key benefit of the agreement is that Canadian businesses will now be able to bid on projects that the Panamanian government finances.