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With the new House bill, even Obama might not want the Obama trade agreement
The Republican-led US House of Representatives voted to give President Obama authority to negotiate trade agreements, passing the so-called fast-track bill with the assistance of just 28 House Democrats on Thursday. The Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill, which was decoupled from a labor program, will now go back to the Senate for approval.
Vatican criticises TTP and TTIP
At the WTO 9th Ministerial in Bali, Archbishop Silvano M. Tomasi delivered a withering critique of the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
Hundreds take interfaith service to the streets on eve of APEC trade conference
More than 30 clergy from a dozen denominations led hundreds of followers out of St. Augustine’s Catholic Church in Waikiki on Monday night and into the streets of Waikiki as a challenge to APEC, the international trade talks kicking off tomorrow in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Saying no to the Colombia free trade agreement
On July 11th, over 200 people converged in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House. All were there to raise their voices to President Obama to say “NO” to the proposed US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (CFTA).
People of faith rally against Colombian free trade agreement
Jose’s phone rang. When he picked up the receiver, no one was on the other line. He hung up. The next time he heard the ring, his wife answered, and a menacing voice said, "Tell that man to calm down his tongue or we will cut it out."
Canadian Churches signal alarm over free trade deal with Colombia
KAIROS calls on the government of Canada to conduct a Human Rights Impact Assessment before proceeding any further.
EU MPs back trade deal with India, voice religion concerns
The European parliament on Wednesday called for the EU negotiate a free trade deal with India by the end of the year, though several voiced concerns over human rights abuses, in particular against Christians.
Open letter from the Caribbean Conference of Churches
While it has been asserted that failure to conclude the agreement within the timeframe dictated by the E.C. would threaten Caribbean exports to Europe, we feel that our leaders should not be constrained to pursue a course of action which could prove to be adverse to our people in the long run.
Caribbean leaders urged to reject EU treaty
Church leaders in the Caribbean have urged regional governments to reject the Economic Partnership Agreement proposed by the European Union, saying the terms of the treaty would harm the economy, marginalize the poor, and undermine the Caribbean’s democratic institutions.
Japanese pastors learn shocking things about Davao bananas
Japanese pastors joined the calls echoed by the National Churches of the Philippines to reject the controversial Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA)
Mexico workers, Church slam NAFTA
Mexican farmers and trade unions are protesting and carrying out legal actions against the North American Free Trade Agreement, for considering it a mortal blow against the national agricultural sector. The Catholic Church warned in official declarations that the elimination of taxes on subsidized imports of corn, bean, powder milk, and sugar may well force a large number of Mexican farmers to leave their lands.
Holy See and Israel close to bilateral agreement, says Israeli ambassador
The agreement deals with economic issues, as well as with the legal and financial status of Church properties in the Holy Land.
EU should not pressure developing countries over trade agreements says WCC leader
World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev Dr Samuel Kobia has told European Commissioner Peter Mandelson that the coercive approach adopted by the EU poisons the negotiating atmosphere and that the interim agreements are not consistent with development, poverty eradication and rights to food.
Church World Service urging citizen action on Peru Free Trade Agreement
As a result of the Nov. 8 House of Representatives passage of a trade agreement that would harm resource-poor Peruvians, humanitarian agency Church World Service is urging people to Contact their Senators and ask them to oppose the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement (Peru FTA).
Africa: Church leaders’ statement on Economic Partnership Agreements
Full text of a statement issued recently by Church leaders concerned about new trade agreements being negotiated between Europe and developing countries
Regional churches reject Economic Partnership Agreements
Churches from Southern and Eastern Africa have called for a review of the proposed Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between the European Union and the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.
S Korean Catholics ask God to stop FTA
South Korean Catholics on Friday asked God to stop a proposed free trade agreement between their country and the United States, as Washington’s chief negotiator said the two sides were intensifying efforts to strike a deal their legislatures can approve.
Korean bishops warn against US FTA
In a message for the Church’s Farmers’ Sunday this week, Korean bishops and farmers have warned against the destruction of the local farming sector as a result of a Free Trade Agreement with the US.
Guatemalan bishop: Free trade widens gap between rich, poor
Free trade under the current economic rules can only widen the gap between rich and poor in the Americas, said the head of the Guatemalan bishops’ conference.
Is free trade just? Church speaks for those who fall through cracks
Free trade agreements have become a bone of contention again in the Andes, and Catholics must take a stand, said an international economic development policy adviser for the US bishops.