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Africa: a false start for Africa’s free trade deal?
To sustain momentum after the AfCFTA’s January launch, traders must be kept in the loop about why implementation is slow.
Trade imbalance remain key concern at Africa-China forum
The exports and imports mismatch has been highlighted as a key concern as Africa continues to deepen trade with China.
Xiplomacy: Xi-proposed "eight major initiatives" facilitate China-Africa trade
At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation held in September 2018, Chinese President proposed that China would launch eight major initiatives in close collaboration with African countries.
The EU milk lookalike that is devastating West Africa’s dairy sector
The local dairy industry has come under increasing pressure since Burkina Faso and its neighbors opened their markets to Europe under a series of trade agreements that stretch back almost two decades.
Việt Nam, Senegal look to sign extra deals to boost trade, investment
The two sides agreed to continue completing a legal framework for the signing of a memorandum of understanding on trade and agreements on investment protection.
Senegal: No to Auchan and any form of recolonization
Quite a few Senegalese people are fed up with the recolonization of their country by French capitalism. They have gathered among several citizen groups to resist it.
Why China sees Senegal as a Belt and Road springboard
In so many ways, Senegal is an ideal partner as China seeks to expand its political and economic reach in Africa.
Senegalese economist Ndongo Samba Sylla: “the Continental Free Trade Area is a mistake” (Interview)
The economist Ndongo Samba Sylla is a former advisor to the President of the Republic of Senegal. He explains why the Continental Free Trade Area is “suicide for African countries.”
«L’Afrique doit compter d’abord sur son propre marché intérieur»
Une zone de libre échange ne peut être une politique qui favorise l’industrialisation de l’Afrique. Et, le vrai problème de l’Afrique, c’est le manque d’industrialisation, selon El Hadji Alioune Diouf, expert en commerce international.
Morocco ratifies 3 bilateral investment treaties
This surge in the ratification of “Intra-African” BITs is part of the Moroccan “South-South Partnership” strategy
Analysis of foreign investment protection in Senegal’s bilateral investment treaties
Is Senegal providing a disproportionate level of protection to foreign investors through BITs?
’Food colonialism’ increasing hunger in Africa
The European Union is coercing some West African governments into allowing European-based fishing companies to deplete West Africa’s fishing stocks in a new "food colonialism" that is now taking place between rich and poor countries around the world, according to British author George Monbiot.
EPA: a contract to destroy the Senegalese’ flimsy economy
The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) is a danger to the fishing sector and the food safety in West Africa and particularly in Senegal.
China signs zero-tariff trade deal with Senegal
China signed Friday a trade deal with Senegal to offer zero-tariff treatment to more than 400 categories of goods imported from Senegal.
Négociations de l’OMC et APE : Quel commerce pour quel développement ?
Un forum sur quel commerce pour quel développement est prévu le mardi 7 octobre prochain à Dakar. Cette rencontre qu’organise Enda prévoit la participation d’une cinquantaine de personnes de différents horizons de la société civile.
Overfishing linked to food crisis, migration
According to a recent report by the nongovernmental organisation ActionAid, West African seas are being devastated by legal and illegal overfishing, while local fishing industries decline. Moreover, the economic partnership agreements in their currently proposed form only exacerbate this problem.
African Liberal Parties Want Benefits From Partnerships
African Liberal parties, meeting in a General Assembly, that closed in Maputo on Saturday, have demanded that partnership agreements with the European Union should bring real advantages to Africa.
Marche contre les Ape : Forte mobilisation des jeunes pour un partenariat gagnant-gagnant
15h50, le signal est donné sur le boulevard de la République. La foule s’étend des environs du bloc des Madeleines à l’école Jeanne d’Arc. Elle est composée en majorité de jeunes qui brandissent des pancartes. “ Non au chantage économique ”, “ Oui au développement, et à la croissance, non à la régression des pays africains ”, Les Ape, un danger pour l’Afrique ”, “ la jeunesse dit non aux Ape ”. D’autres scandent des slogans hostiles aux Ape. “ Nous ne signons pas ”, lancent-ils. Les tee-shirt et foulards disent aussi non à la signature des accords de partenariat économique.
Senegal opposes EPA
Senegal has joined Africa’s economic tigers [South Africa and Nigeria] to openly declare its refusal to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPAs) with the European Union.
Interview-Spain eyes West Africa as investment destination
Spain is turning to West Africa as a potential investment destination in a commercial and political offensive linked to trying to control flows of illegal migrants to its territory, its industry minister said on Thursday.