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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (EU-US FTA), sometimes also called Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)

A journey through the lobby jungle in Brussels
During the last TTIP negotiating round, CEO and the German lobby watchdog Lobbycontrol organised guided tours through the EU quarter in Brussels, focusing on the corporate lobbying behind the TTIP negotiations and the way that the European Commission allows corporations to set the agenda for the talks.
International Day of farmers’ struggles in defense of peasants’ and farmers’ seeds
This day of action is particularly important since on the 11th of March the European Parliament rejected the European Commissions’ regulation proposal for the marketing of seeds. This vote has taken place in the context of a Europe dominated by trade negotiations with the USA, known as TAFTA, and the European Parliament election campaign until May 2014.
Leaked EU analysis of TTIP IPR negotiations
Here is a two-page excerpt from a March 20, 2014 EU analysis of the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations on intellectual property rights, including geographical indications.
Spanish organizations denounce transatlantic free trade agreement
Spanish social and union organizations condemned today trade negotiations between the European Union and the United States to sign the Transatlantic Free Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
The secret deal that threatens the food on your plate
Untangling the EU-US trade talks : What are the big concerns for food & farming? What might be the consequences for our food and farming? Friends of the Earth Europe and Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy hosted a discussion in Brussels on 13 March 2014.
EU: Online public consultation on ISDS in the TTIP
The European Commission is consulting the public in the EU on a possible approach to investment protection and ISDS in the TTIP between now and 21 June 2014.
Trans-Atlantic labor union calls for higher labor standards in US-European Union trade agreement
"We view TTIP as a threat to the rights of workers in Europe," said Len McCluskey, General Secretary of UNITE the Union in the UK and Ireland. "We can’t afford to import America’s low labor rights standards."
Le gaz de schiste au cœur du sommet UE-USA
L’approvisionnement de l’Europe en gaz de schiste dans le cadre du TTIP s’est invité à la table des discussions lors de la visite de Barack Obama à Bruxelles.
Obama is negotiating an agreement that could unleash fracking around the world. See how.
The translantic trade agreement would undermine hard-fought regulations and open up a large part of the world to greater exploitation without regulation. Fracking would go global.
Investor treaties in trouble
Several countries are reviewing these agreements, prompted by the number of cases brought by foreign companies who claim that changes in government policies affect their future profits.
TTIP and the big pharma wish-list
A report by the Commons Network and civil society partners shows that the pharmaceutical industry’s wish list for the TTIP is detrimental for public health, will increase the cost of medicines and undermines democratic processes
Ukraine crisis gives new impetus to EU-US trade talks, US says
Russia’s annexation of Crimea underlines the need for the United States and the European Union to deepen their economic ties via an ambitious trade deal that would also allow Europe to import US gas, Washington’s top trade official said on Saturday.
In trade talks, it’s countries vs. companies
A high-profile campaign by opponents to ISDS could complicate TTIP talks long after the listening period in Europe ends.
Citizens turn up the volume on troubled TTIP negotiations
On the morning of Thursday 13th March, hundreds of people gathered outside De Gucht’s office – DG Trade in Brussels – with a clear message: STOP TTIP!
Finance Watch says there is no proven case for including financial services in TTIP
TTIP risks ‘race to the bottom’ in financial services regulation says Finance Watch, the independent public interest group working to make finance serve society.
Grains Council pushing TTIP negotiators on EU biotech barriers
US Grains Council leaders are pushing Trans Atlantic free trade negotiators to keep the European Union from slowing biotechnology approval
Leaked: US and EU chemical lobbies fighting to “freeze” industry regulation
Newly leaked documents from the chemical industries in the United States and European Union depict a joint effort to guide bilateral trade talks in a way that legal and public interest analysts warn would irreparably weaken the ability of governments in both continents to regulate toxic chemicals.
CropLife America and the European Crop Protection Association discuss joint proposal during TTIP negotiations
CropLife America (CLA) and the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) called for a more harmonized risk assessment framework for pesticide regulations during the fourth round of negotiations of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
TTIP ’threatens’ European education quality, teachers say
European students and teachers demand that education be fully excluded from the EU-US free trade deal as it’s the case for the audio-visual sector and this to preserve quality.
Transatlantic trade talks hit German snag
Germany has introduced a stumbling block to landmark EU-US trade negotiations by insisting that any pact must exclude a contentious dispute settlement provision (ISDS).