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Three ways that human rights impact assessment can improve consistency between economic law and human rights law
A human rights-based approach to economic policy-making can result in outcomes from trade negotiations that are not only human rights-consistent but also more politically, socially and economically robust.
New trade deals restrain governments on financial regulation
The new generation of trade agreements currently being negotiated by the EU endangers financial regulation. Worse, they rein in the capacity of states to regulate in the future.
How global trade deals could impact universities
Unions and universities worry that agreements could leave them vulnerable to for-profit competition and entrench privatisation.
Big tech companies are trying to rewrite the rules to get your data
The “e-commerce agenda” – which aims for a “free flow of data” across the globe – is being included in new trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trade in Services agreement.
The study clearly shows that the official impact assessments of the European Commission are fundamentally based on a biased understanding of regulation.
The battle over TiSA: when everything is a service, a Trade in Services Agreement affects everyone
A new report reveals the scope of the corporate power grab through a close examination of TiSA’s potential impact on workers across the IUF sectors and TiSA’s broader implications for the labour movement, society and democratic governance.
AK EUROPA: Even economically, TiSA does not deliver what it promises
Even though the official negotiations on the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) are currently on hold, the questionable foundations of the economic impact assessments on TiSA have increasingly become the focus of attention.
What the European-Union Mercosur trade agreement means for copyright
Many of the intellectual property provisions raised by the European Union in this agreement are bad for internet users.
Letter from BusinessEurope on cross-border data flows
BusinessEurope has a clear position on this issue. We support a solution that enables cross-border data flows and effectively tackles forced data localisation when it is disproportionate and unjustified.
TiSA impact assessment report ignores crucial human rights concerns
A report to evaluate how TiSA’s provisions could affect economic, social and human rights, which was published in July 2017, fails to address several key fundamental rights concerns.
Parliament debates Panama involvement in secret trade pact
Parliamentary debate heats up in Panama concerning the country’s involvement in alleged secret talks for a Trade in Services Agreement between 23 members of the World Trade Organization, including the European Union.
Rising demands for data localization a response to weak data protection mechanisms
Don’t trust data localization exceptions in trade agreements to guarantee protection of personal data.
TiSA - Foul play
One of the world’s leading trade lawyers has written this report for UNI on the implications of TiSA on workers, democracy and UNIs sectors. The conclusions point in 1 direction: TiSA must be stopped!
Campaign reveals TiSA threat to jobs and rights
A new campaign to be launched by the ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) reveals the threat to jobs and workers’ rights posed by the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA).
TiSA troubles: Services, democracy and corporate rule in the Trump era
This study, co-published with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, examines the adverse impacts on public services and public interest regulation of the little-known Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), quietly being negotiated in Geneva by a group of 23 governments, including Canada
Campaign reveals TiSA threat to jobs and rights
A new campaign to be launched by the International Transport Workers’ Federation reveals the threat to jobs and workers’ rights posed by the Trade in Services Agreement.
TiSA and the threat to public banks
The Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is an attack on the future publicness of public banking around the world.
TiSA and state-owned enterprises
Lessons from Uruguay’s withdrawal for other countries in the South.
Trump’s pick for trade envoy open to continued EU trade talks
Robert Lighthizer did not rule out resuming negotiations with the European Union on TTIP and TiSA.
Unpacking trade and investment
Series of 11 fact booklets about global trade policies.