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65,000 protest TPP in Mexico, see repeat of NAFTA mistakes
Farmers, union, environmental and women’s activists gathered in Mexico City last week to take stock of the lessons from NAFTA and plan strategies to confront the next big threat: the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).
German public TV videos on TTIP - now in EN
CEO has put English subtitles to two excellent media reports on TTIP that were shown on German public TV in the previous months.
Is the TPP dead?
An interview with Kevin Zeese, organizer with Flush the TPP and Popular Resistance.
China, US investment talks enter ‘substantive period’
The 11th round of Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) talks between the world’s two largest economies, China and the US, wrapped up in Shanghai on Wednesday.
Explaining ISDS
A five-minute video from FTA Watch (Thailand)
National farmers and social strike gets seeds control law 970 suspended
In Colombia after 21 days of a nationwide strike by thousands of farmers, blocking more than 40 roads nationwide, protesting farmers forced the Colombian government to negotiate the rejection of a farm bill and the release of detained protesters. Report from Real News Network.
EU’s Everything But Arms initiative is impoverishing Cambodian farmers
An EU trade initiative intended to reduce poverty in the world’s poorest countries has driven thousands of Cambodian farming families into destitution and led to serious human rights violations, Inclusive Development International (IDI) and Equitable Cambodia and said in a report released Monday.
AFL-CIO to fight "trade" deals like TPP
This week’s AFL-CIO convention passed a resolution vowing to fight any trade agreement that promotes the rise in corporate power at the expense of working people.
Kevin Rudd ’risks foreign investment’
Business has warned that Kevin Rudd’s populist rhetoric on foreign ownership could undermine Australia’s ability to secure free-trade agreements with key Asian trading partners and risks foreign investment that is crucial as the economy slows.
Why ’free trade’ hits Pacific people (PMC)
For Gary Juffa — the Governor of Papua New Guinea’s Oro province and one of the region’s most outspoken critics of free trade — neoliberalism is a hard pill to swallow.
’970’ asks why Colombia is confiscating farmers’ rice and dumping it in the garbage
In the midst of a nationwide agrarian strike, a documentary about a new law criminalizing farmers for the centuries old practice of saving the best seeds and using them for the next crop is igniting debate about the treatment of the country’s farmers.
Colombia farmers’ strikes spread to cities
Nationwide agricultural strikes are continuing in Colombia after more than a week of ongoing roadblocks, marches and clashes with the police.
Unfair, unsustainable, and under the radar
A new paper from the Democracy Center sheds an urgent public light on the system of international investment rules and arbitration tribunals that is being used by corporations to undermine citizen and government action on a range of urgent social and environmental issues.
Japanese movement against TPP growing
Critics of the Trans-Pacific Partnership say it’s an attempt to impose an American system on Japan and would threaten Japanese public healthcare system.
India-EU FTA: A lose-lose for India
Newsclick discusses with Biswajit Dhar, Director General of Research and Information System for Developing Countries, the India-EU Free Trade Agreement and its fall-outs.
At your service: the European Services Forum’s privileged access to the EU Commission over EU trade policy
A recent documentary on lobbying in the EU highlights the historically intimate links between the EU Commission and European services companies. New research reveals that they are as close as ever, working hand in glove to liberalise and deregulate services markets – from Canada to the ASEAN region, from the US to India.
Why can corporate interests trump sovereign rights?
Real News Network interviews Chakravarthi Raghavan on how companies can sue countries under trade and investment agreements
Asian business leaders push trilateral free trade
Over 200 business leaders from China, Japan and South Korea gathered in Seoul to further promote and commemorate the launch of the trilateral free trade negotiations.
Will the Pacific trade deal protect workers?
Al Jazeera ask if the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations have rendered democratic decision-making irrelevant.
Panama protests against free-trade zone land sales
Police in the sea-port of Colon have fired tear-gas and rubber bullets to disperse angry protesters. A total of 50 were arrested during the clashes, a continuation of public outcry against the governments decision to sell land in the free-trade zone.