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What is TTIP?

6 Jan 2014

What is TTIP?

Bruno Kramm

German version:

The internet connects all parts of the world. More and more people are gaining access to knowledge and participating globally.

Because of this, International corporations see their business models at risk. They fear that they are losing control, that there is a shift in power.

Trade agreements such as Trips and ACTA are intended to erect barriers to prevent that. They represent undemocratic and opaque corporate power.

The U.S. and Europe are currently negotiating TTIP, with little media scrutiny and without public participation.

The object is an agreement on the largest free trade area on the face of the earth: a defense alliance of the Western industrial nations.

TTIP threatens drastic changes for Europe: Genetically modified food, hormone-treated beef and chlorine-washed chicken will end up on our plates.

US industrial standards will spur an attack on the diversity of European agriculture.

Investor-state dispute settlement with the possibility of vast compensation claims by corporations will threaten regional markets and civil rights.

Workers’ rights, banking supervision and climate protection could fall far below European standards.

Weak data protection and stronger enforcement of intellectual property rights will help deliver our privacy unprotected to corporations.

Stop TTIP - For a publicly negotiated global agreement with proper public participation.
Stop TTIP - People first, then the financial markets.
Stop TTIP - Because the world belongs to us all!

 source: YouTube