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West Asia

Bilateral deal-making involving governments of West Asia.

Photo: tbz.foto / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A turning point for Dubai-Africa trade
Dubai’s trade with Africa has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade, thanks to several important developments that have established new business links between the emirate and promising markets across the continent.
Iran, Turkey to revise preferential trade agreement signed in 2015
Iran and Turkey are negotiating to revise a major trade deal signed six years ago as the neighbors seek to offset trade losses suffered in recent years because of the US sanctions on Iran and the spread of coronavirus pandemic.
Iran, Armenia sign trade agreement
Top officials from Iran and Armenia signed an agreement in Tehran to enhance trade cooperation between the two neighbors.
Lebanon’s industry minister calls for modifications in free trade agreements
Lebanese Industry Minister Wael Abou Faour called on Wednesday for the revision of free trade agreements signed between Lebanon and other countries aimed at protecting the industry sector in the country, the National News Agency reported.
Qatar seeks free trade deal with Iraq in meeting with PM
Qatar would like to sign a free trade agreement with Iraq to exchange, encourage, and protect investments between the two countries.
Jordan, Turkey mull new free trade pact
Jordan and Turkey on Tuesday discussed prospects for sealing a new free trade agreement (FTA) following the Kingdom’s suspension of the previous agreement.
New gov’t maintains position on FTA deal with Turkey
The Jordan-Turkey agreement will be terminated in November 2018.
Jordan to re-assess EU association, relaxed rules deals
Jordan is planning to conduct a study to assess the economic impact of the EU Association Agreement and the EU deal on relaxed rules of origin to Jordanian industries.
Jordan to end Turkish free trade agreement
The deal was suspended in March, but the following month Jordan announced it was willing to reactivate the agreement provided Turkey agreed to meet certain conditions.
US-Bahrain food export agreement signed
Bahrain has agreed to continue to recognize US safety certifications for American food and agriculture exports to the Gulf nation.