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All-night rally to protest screen quota begins

Korea Times

All-Night Rally to Protest Screen Quota Begins

6 March 2006

Members of the local film industry and civil activists began in Seoul Monday a 146 day all-night rally in protest to the government’s decision to halve the screen quota system.

Before camping out in a park next to the Ministry of Culture in Kwanghwamun, Director Jung Ji-young, speaking on behalf of the 30 some advocates present at the park said that the 146- day duration signifies their demand of keeping the screen quota to its current 146 days.

The screen quota system, a measure put in place by the government since 1966 to protect the local film industry from Hollywood films, requires Korean movies to be screened at least 146 days in the year.

In January, the government announced plans to halve the quota to 73 days by July in order to facilitate a free trade agreement with the United States.