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The US has a strong case against Canada’s Online Streaming Act
The new legislation requires that streaming services like Netflix, Spotify and Disney+ invest in, and show, more Canadian content.
Canada extends copyright protection another 20 years to meet new trade obligation
Change brings Canada into compliance with commitment made under North American free trade deal.
Discovery legal challenge escalates Poland-US media row
Draft law, regulator pose risks to Discovery’s unit in Poland but Polish watchdog says treaty exempts broadcast investments.
Critics raise alarm over EU-China deal
An investment deal between China and the European Union restricts Europeans from investing in Chinese media and entertainment companies but does not block Chinese firms from investing in European ones.
Putting sombreros on par with Champagne
The European Union mulls protecting handicrafts in the same way as gourmet food amid a push from Latin American countries.
RIAA welcomes US-UK trade talks progress
Copyright protections between the two music markets were a vital part of any deal, the chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) said.
Tidal threatens legal action against Norway over stat fiddling investigation
Tidal is threatening legal action against the whole country of Norway, which is certainly one way to deal with allegations that you fiddled the figures on a Beyonce record.
France to keep European audiovisual sector out of post-Brexit UK-EU free trade agreement
French president Emmanuel Macron has confirmed France will ensure the European audiovisual sector is excluded from any all-encompassing UK-EU free trade agreement (FTA) post Brexit.
Japan to extend copyright period on works including novels and paintings to 70 years on Dec. 30
The copyright period on works such as novels and paintings in Japan is set to be extended to 70 years after the authors’ deaths, from the current 50 years, as part of legislation to approve the TPP.
Canada won’t compromise on culture, dispute resolution in NAFTA talks: Trudeau
Trudeau said Canadians will not sign onto a deal that does not include a dispute resolution mechanism and exemptions for cultural industries.
NAFTA deal close, but obstacles remain
US and Canada officials continue to meet but there are three key issues to resolve: dairy, intellectual property, dispute settlement.
Copyright in Mercosur-EU trade agreement: A little better, but mostly worse
While it’s positive that at least the parties are coming to the conclusion to forego the gratuitous copyright term extension, most of the changes in the consolidated text show a continued tightening of copyright protections that favor incumbent rights holders at the expense of users and the commons.
Canada is the great unknown as TPP 11 talks near goal
Cultural and auto issues remain obstacles to reviving Pacific trade pact.
EU-Mercosur trade agreement would harm user rights and the commons
The EU-Mercosur FTA is expansive, addressing trade in industrial and agricultural goods as well as intellectual property provisions such as copyrights and patents.
Music groups push USTR on NAFTA copyright agenda
A coalition of more than 20 music groups are urging U.S. trade negotiators to look beyond U.S. law to forge stronger copyright protections in a new NAFTA.
RCEP IP chapter: A serious threat to access to knowledge/cultural goods?
RCEP stands to adversely affect nearly half of the world’s population on areas like access to knowledge and access to medicines. We would like to highlight five issues related to access to knowledge/cultural goods, based on the leaked IP chapter.
Musicians, actors set to campaign against the Pacific trade deal
A group of entertainers is hitting the road to kick off a campaign to build opposition against a Pacific trade agreement.
Revisions needed in IP compliance
Revision of the legal framework on intellectual property is recommended to ensure compliance with the EU – Viet Nam Free Trade Agreement.
Copyright revisions under TPP must take cultural development into consideration
If copyrights are excessively protected, it could hinder creative work. Some people have expressed concerns that this could have a chilling effect on creators.
I am an artist and I want to stop TTIP
Artists Against TTIP wants to work with actors, writers and directors to make films that help more and more people understand what TTIP is - and how toxic it is to our health, our environment and our democracy.