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All-People Struggle against FTA declared in S. Korea

Korean News Service, Tokyo

2 April 2006

All-People Struggle against FTA Declared in S. Korea

Pyongyang, April 2 (KCNA) — Representatives of south Korean civic and social organizations reportedly called a press conference on March 28 to declare the inauguration of the "Headquarters of the All-people Movement for Checking the Conclusion of FTA." An inaugural declaration issued at the press conference recalled the fact that the actions for checking the conclusion of FTA are gaining in scope in different parts of south Korea and denounced the authorities for their persistent disgraceful move to conclude it.

It called for punishing in the name of history and the people the U.S. for having disclosed its undisguised wild ambition for economic aggression while pressurizing south Korea to conclude FTA and the forces subservient to it.

Speakers at the press conference called upon the people of all social standings to unite close and turn out in the actions against the conclusion of FTA, stating that its conclusion would make south Korea increasingly dependent upon the U.S. not only in economy but in all fabrics of society and do harm to them.

 source: Korean News Service