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Costa Rican deputies for FTA consultation

Prensa Latina, Cuba

Costa Rican Deputies for FTA Consultation

23 April 2007

San Jose, Apr 23 (Prensa Latina) Costa Rican deputies who oppose a free trade agreement with the US demanded on Monday a consultation about the project before holding a binding referendum to solve the controversy over the issue.

Members of the Citizen Action (PAC) and the Broad Front parties in Congress suggested the creation of an original mechanism in order to avoid a popular consultation about a document that is plagued with unconstitutionalities, as warned by the University of Costa Rica.

In a letter addressed to President Oscar Arias, PAC leader Otton Solis proposed that the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Francisco Antonio Pacheco, should demand a mandatory consultation from the Constitutional Court so that it can rule about the legitimacy of the agreement.

It would be antidemocratic for the people, who are the real owners of democracy, to lack the tools deputies have to make laws without constitutionality vices, said the former presidential candidate.