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FTA prompts boost in logistics cooperation with China

MCOT News, Thailand

FTA prompts boost in logistics cooperation with China

28 April 2005

BEIJING, Apr 28 (TNA) - Thailand is poised to open at least four new consulates in China, and is accelerating the development of logistics operations with China in anticipation of the birth of the Chinese-Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Free Trade aAea in 2010, Deputy Foreign Minister Preecha Laohapongchana revealed today.

Mr. Preecha, who yesterday held talks with Chinese Commerce Vice-Minister An Min, said that Thailand hopes to expand cooperation in the fields of trade and investment, particularly by developing joint transport routes between southern China and northern Thailand by land and along the Mekong River, and by boosting shipping links with Chinese ports.

The government hopes that with the opening up of new and more convenient transport links, Thailand will serve as a gateway to ASEAN when the Chinese-ASEAN FTA deal comes into force in 2010.

Better logistics links would also help to boost exports of Thai fruit and vegetables under the existing Thai-Chinese FTA agreement.

The deputy foreign minister said that he had also held talks with his Chinese counterpart, and had agreed that Thailand would open at least four new consulates in Chinese cities.

Mr. Preecha also revealed that he had held talks with a Chinese scientific research institute on a collaborative project to use biogas produced from agricultural waste as an alternative source of fuel.