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German farmers plan for Berlin tractor protest next week

AgriLand | 19 November 2019

German farmers plan for Berlin tractor protest next week

by Sylvester Phelan

A group of German farmers has called for further rallies to counter what it says are the current environmental and agricultural policies that put rural areas in Germany at risk both economically and socially.

Following on from nationwide rallies held last month, the group “Land Schafft Verbindung” (“Land Creates Connection”), is organising a second nationwide rally at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin next Tuesday, November 26.

According to the group, farmers will make their way to the city to again seek answers to a range of concerns.

The Land Schafft Verbindung outlined its concerns including:

  • The agricultural package which is “endangering family farm businesses”;
  • The tightening of restrictions on fertiliser use;
  • The negative portrayal of agriculture (“bauernbashing” or “farmer bashing”) by politicians and organisations; and
  • The Mercosur trade deal, which it says “threatens the supply of safe, high-quality and certified food from the region with low-priced imports.

Meanwhile, yesterday, Monday, November 18, the Land Schafft Verbindung held a protest in Hannover, in Lower Saxony, coinciding with a visit from Minister President of Bavaria Markus Soder.

The group has been vocal in seeking negotiations between farmers, the ministers for agriculture and environment, and main non-government organisations.

“In recent years, politicians, media and activists have outlined a negative image of us. We are not animal abusers and polluters,” the German group added.

 source: AgriLand