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Joint statement on EU trade agreements

Orgalim | 7 March 2022

Joint statement on EU trade agreements

Orgalim, along with a wide coalition of European industry stakeholders, urges the EU institutions and Member States to continue to make EU trade agreements a priority, opening new markets for trade and investment and promoting rules-based free trade.

Supporting open, free and fair international trade means supporting European businesses, European jobs and European prosperity as our economy is recovering from the COVID crisis and now enters a period of profound geopolitical uncertainty.

In particular:
• The EU must ensure that Free Trade Agreements enter into force as soon as possible after negotiations are concluded (in particular EU-Mercosur)
• We support an expansive EU bilateral trade agenda. In particular, the EU should continue to pursue regulatory dialogue with the United States in the context of the Trade and Technology Council (TTC), which should lead to negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement. It should also accelerate ongoing negotiations for Free Trade Agreements with third countries, for example with India and ASEAN countries.

To read our recommendations in full, please download the document (pdf).

 source: Orgalim