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Joint statement on EU trade agreements
Orgalim, along with a wide coalition of European industry stakeholders, urges the EU institutions and Member States to open new markets for trade and investment and promoting rules-based free trade.
Business and tech groups call for more review of ePrivacy regulation
The group expressed concern about the extremely broad scope of the draft ePrivacy Regulation, which would greatly limit the processing of a broad array of both personal and non-personal data and lead to inconsistencies with the GDPR framework.
Business Europe’s position on the Post-Cotonou partnership between the EU and ACP countries
The agreement should include strong provisions to promote the finalisation and implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).
Letter from BusinessEurope on cross-border data flows
BusinessEurope has a clear position on this issue. We support a solution that enables cross-border data flows and effectively tackles forced data localisation when it is disproportionate and unjustified.
US Chamber opposes strongly withdrawal from KORUS FTA
The US Chamber of Commerce issues a statement opposing US withdrawal from KORUS, says it would not create a single American job
"Modernize NAFTA, but don’t ruin its energy trade provisions"
More than 100 associations representing US businesses are teaming up to encourage the Trump administration to maintain ISDS protections as it renegotiates NAFTA, writes the head of the US oil and natural gas industry trade group
AmCham Singapore voices support for TPP-11
AmCham Singapore urges the eleven members of the TPP to reach a successful conclusion to ongoing deliberations and implement the agreement as soon as possible, as it is "supportive of US businesses"
Support threatened if Trump team abandons investment protection provision
Three top US business groups have fired a warning shot at the Trump administration, threatening to drop their support for its renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement if a controversial investment protection provision is abandoned.
North American oil & natural gas industry positions on NAFTA
NAFTA: Positions of the American Petroleum Institute, Asociación Méxicana de Empresas de Hidrocarburos, and Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Negotiating objectives regarding modernization of NAFTA - written submission of Cargill
Cargill urges the Administration to seek improvements to NAFTA in the following four areas: market access; non-tariff barriers and technical barriers to trade; customs and trade facilitation; and enforcement and dispute settlement.
Cargill chief: NAFTA in “good place”
Cargill does not want a lot to change in the North American free trade deal
’Indonesia-Australia pact can make us partners in prosperity’
Statement from Australian Chamber of Commerce on potential Australia-Indonesia trade agreement
How global trade agreements undermine sustainable business: The American Sustainable Business Council perspective
The American Sustainable Business Council explains that the point of greatest concern in TPP, TTIP and especially the TiSA agreement is the proposal to allow corporations to sue governments in an international tribunal.
Europe’s business community’s "clarion call" for vital EU-US trade deal
"TTIP could be worth up to €120bn to the EU every year" claims Confederation of British Industry as it hosts a business lobby meeting to trumpet for an EU-US trade treaty.
International Chamber of Commerce: Trade secret law should be harmonized, included in TPP
The International Chamber of Commerce is urging the inclusion of strong trade secret provisions in the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement.
BusinessEurope: Trade roadmap for the European Commission
The European business lobby’s "trade agenda" for new European Commission
Business and NGOs divided over TTIP regulatory cooperation
While EU and US negotiators are meeting this week in Washington, business groups and civil society organisations have released contradictory statements about regulatory cooperation in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
EU and US insurers support including financial services market access and regulatory cooperation in TTIP
Insurance Europe, the American Insurance Association and the American Council of Life Insurers have issued a statement supporting the inclusion of market access and regulatory cooperation in financial services in TTIP.
Leaked: US and EU chemical lobbies fighting to “freeze” industry regulation
Newly leaked documents from the chemical industries in the United States and European Union depict a joint effort to guide bilateral trade talks in a way that legal and public interest analysts warn would irreparably weaken the ability of governments in both continents to regulate toxic chemicals.
CropLife America and the European Crop Protection Association discuss joint proposal during TTIP negotiations
CropLife America (CLA) and the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) called for a more harmonized risk assessment framework for pesticide regulations during the fourth round of negotiations of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).