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Koreans protest "free" trade agreement talks

Indymedia DC | 5 June 2006

Koreans protest "Free" Trade agreement talks

by WSQT Radio

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Two important protests took place in DC this weekend: Antiwar protestors spoke out and beat drums for 24 hours outside the White House, and Koreans descended on Washington to oppose a proposed US-South Korea "Free" Trade deal.

Koreans staged a noisy protest march, starting at the World bank and marching to the White House to oppose a Bush-style free trade agreement.

All over our good Earth, people are rejecting the doctrine of "free" trade. In Latin America, nation after nation is electing anti-globalization leaders. Now the fight comes to Korea.

If the FTA goes through, it will bankrupt Korean farmers. This will force some to seek jobs abroad as migrant labor (sound familiar?) Other farmers unwilling to emigrate in search of work may even be killed by this deal, as has already been happening due to WTO provisions.

In addition, the deal will take away access to generic drugs and even replace korean films with US Hollywood films in Korean movie theaters! On top of all else it will no doubt demand that the people of Korea start eating US genetically-engineeered rice, illegal on most of our Earth.

It is all one Earth—it is all one FIGHT!

 source: Indymedia DC