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Photos of demonstrations against US-Thai FTA (Chiang Mai, 10 January 2006)

From Consumer Project on Technology:
Thanks to Gaëlle Kirkorian for these photographs from a demonstration in Thailand against the US-Thai FTA. Below is her account of the protests:

Thai Demonstration Against FTA with the United States

Today, around 8000 people were demonstrating in Chaingmai. In front of the Sheraton hotel, people were demanding that the negotiating teams sent representatives to tell them what exactly they are negotiating. Nit Pibulsongkram, the head of the Thai negotiating team came out surrounded by cops and said that this is the wish of the ’elected government’ to do this agreement for the benefit of the country. It seems that they have stopped negotiating on some issues (environment and investment...?). A couple of people trying to enter the hotel were beaten by the police. 30 people tried to swim across the river to reach the hotel and were beaten too.

That’s all we know for now.

Beside people in the US and in France, are there other people that are planing actions either on US Embassy or Thai Embassy? Please let us know.


 source: CPTech