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Smaller Ecuadorian delegation attends 9th FTA round

Prensa Latina

Smaller Ecuadorian Delegation Attends Ninth FTA Round

Quito, Apr 18 2005 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador is attending the ninth round of negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement with the US from Monday, with a smaller delegation and amid the pharmaceutical sector’s rejection of any kind of discussion.

The country’s political crisis triggered resignations by delegation deputy chief Mauricio Pinto and services coordinator Juan Carlos Mejia.

"The seriousness of the country’s political crisis has begun to affect the negotiations," spokesperson for the Ecuadorian Business Committee Roberto Aspiazu stressed.

The intellectual property issue is the focus of debates in this meeting.

Ecuadorians oppose any agreement with US negotiators on this.

Agriculture representatives do not agree with US proposals either. Parties have not reached any agreement so far.

 source: Prensa Latina