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The end of the age of free trade | 31 July 2007

The End of the Age of Free Trade

The Russian government presented three days ago a draft law stipulating that selling the shares of any strategic company to the foreign investors is prohibited unless it is approved by a specialized governmental committee headed by the Prime Minister.
The American President signed on the 26th of July, 2007 the bill that grants the commission of monitoring of the foreign investments more authorities, and calls for asking the help of the intelligence services for supervising important deals signed with the foreign investors.

The European Commission for Trade said on the 24th of July that the commissionary proposed the revival of dealing by (The Golden Shares), which are the shares preserved by governments of the European countries for prohibiting the selling of important strategic companies to the foreign investors.

So has the age of free trade ended? The Russian expert “Mikhail Khazene” answers this question by saying that free trade is no longer exists, and that more restrictions on the freedom of investment should be imposed. He goes on to say that the reason is the volume of financial sources which are “wondering all over the world” is growing faster than the materialistic sources.