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US launches investment treaty with Mauritius

PT News | 7 Aug 2009

US launches investment treaty with Mauritius

Lalit K Jha

Washington, Aug 6 (PTI) — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that the US and Mauritius will begin negotiations for a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) to strengthen investor protections and encourage the continuation of market-oriented economic reforms in the African nation.

Clinton and and Trade Representative Ron Kirk announced the launch of the BIT negotiations at an event during the African Growth and Opportunity Act Forum in Nairobi, Kenya yesterday, the State Department has said.

"As (the US) President (Barack) Obama said in Ghana a few weeks ago, America can do more to promote investment in Africa," Clinton said.

US negotiation of a BIT with Mauritius is a step in that direction, and is in keeping with our broader interest in engaging other potential BIT partners in Africa and that interest is also reflected in the ongoing exploratory talks with Ghana, Nigeria, and Gabon, she said.

 source: PTI News