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US deal expiry may hit textile firms
Textile factories in Bahrain fear they could lose millions of dollars in trade and thousands of jobs could go if a tariff agreement with the US is not renewed next year.
TTIP must wait until EU citizens are properly consulted
There are a large number of concerns that must be addressed before an EU-US trade deal can become a reality, says Helmut Scholz.
Massive trade deal could come down to two things: Rice and cars
Officials are working feverishly to unsnag a deal with Japan and 10 other Asia-Pacific countries.
PH remains keen on joining TPP
The Philippines is not closing its doors on joining the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, but it will wait for the agreement to be finalized first and for the text to become publicly available to be able to make an informed judgment on whether it should join the trade pact or not, a senior trade official said.
[Herald Interview] Korea to defend rice market in TPP talks
Korea’s top agriculture policymaker has emphasized that the government will not further open the country’s rice market if and when it joins the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership
Is TPP trade deal a massive giveaway to major corporations? An exchange between Obama and Sherrod Brown
Obama leans hard into the idea that TPP’s ISDS will be drawn explicitly to prevent corporate gaming of the litigation process
China is a “major driver” of environmental degradation in Latin America
China’s increased trade and investment in Latin America over the past decade has resulted in powerful social and environmental impacts such as job losses and pollution.
PACER-plus Trade in Services text (draft of April 2015)
This is the leaked Draft Trade in Services text from the PACER Plus Intersessional meeting in Port Vila, 31 March - 02 April 2015.
Trade first, then talk human rights, with Saudi Arabia — Key
New Zealand’s John Key has defended his upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia, saying a free-trade agreement with the kingdom will allow the two parties to talk about a ‘range of issues’ including human rights abuses.
The long arm of the EU: The Association Agreement and expansionist policies
The European Union is pursuing a targeted geostrategic goal aimed at extending its sphere of influence, the first priority being to control its immediate “neighbourhood” through association agreements.
Approval of GMO imports moves EU ’closer to Monsanto’
Environmental advocates say authorization indication of further industry-friendly policies pending trade deal with US will usher in
12-country TPP talks end without a breakthrough
Chief negotiators from 12 countries aiming to forge a Pacific free trade initiative finished four days of talks on Sunday without making major progress.
China’s Hong Kong to ink FTA with ASEAN by 2016 - chief executive
China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is expected to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with the Association of Southeastern Asian Nations (ASEAN) by 2016, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said on Sunday.
ASEAN-EU free trade progress to be known by year’s end
The European Union and a Southeast Asian bloc will reevaluate the possibilities of a regional free trade agreement (FTA) at the end of this year, officials said Sunday.
TTIP stakeholder statement: protect IP from ISDS
There is an increasingly urgent need revise the EU and US ISDS templates to protect IP policy decisions from the ISDS chapters of trade agreements.
TUC’s Owen Tudor: ’We are totally opposed to TTIP’
Shrouded with secrecy and posing a threat to public services, Owen Tudor tells EurActiv why the UK Trade Union Congress doesn’t believe the hype over TTIP, and why exploitation, rather than immigration, should be the cause of people’s concerns.
Asean Economic Community launch will see rise in trade flows, but also more problems: OCBC chief
The launch of the Asean Economic Community this year will see an increase in trade flows, but also more problems such as money laundering and fraud, OCBC Bank chief executive Samuel Tsien said on Wednesday.
France open to FTA with Australia
France has indicated it is willing to consider a free-trade agreement with Australia.
UN expert says secret trade deals threaten human rights
Secret negotiations on international trade deals threaten human rights, an independent United Nations expert said on Thursday in comments that appeared aimed at agreements the United States is seeking with the European Union and Pacific nations.