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Focus on: TTIP, food & farming

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The major obstacles to the EU-US free trade deal
Topics where EU and US politicians and stakeholders’ interests clash — such as public procurement, data protection, financial services and agricultural issues like geographical indicators and sanitary and phytosanitary measures – will prove the most problematic during talks.
EU wants US beef ban lifted under TTIP
European Union representatives travelling to Washington DC next week for the first round of negotiations with the US to forge a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership want early progress on the Americans lifting the current ban on European beef, an EU source close to the negotiations said.
Will European requirements for labeling GMO foods survive new trade negotiations?
Will US trade negotiators seek the elimination of GMO restrictions in Europe through the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership?
Consumer groups worry US-EU trade pact will weaken health, privacy regulations
US consumer groups raised concerns on Wednesday about the proposed free trade agreement between the US and the EU, which they said could weaken government health, environmental and food safety regulations and undermine privacy on the Internet.
At trade talks, US, EU ready for fight on genetically modified crops
Opposition to US agricultural practices is threatening to become a major battle in discussions starting next month that could sweep away trade barriers between the United States and Europe.
US livestock industry ready for ’comprehensive’ FTA with EU
Coalition of ag organizations says previous talks through Trans-Pacific Partnership should be used as model for EU agreement
France draws red lines for EU-US free trade negotiations
Food safety, GMO cultivation and France’s cherished “cultural exception” for audiovisual services are non-negotiable areas in view of upcoming EU-US free trade talks, the French stressed. The message was apparently well received by the European Commission in Brussels.
EU-US free trade deal will dismantle EU public health protections on GM foods
An EU-US free trade deal would obliterate EU safeguards for health and the environment with regard to genetically modified (GM) crops and foods, warns Earth Open Source.
In move towards trade talks, EU to lift ban on some US meats
Brussels and Washington want to deepen a relationship that accounts for a third of global trade, and ending the EU import ban on live pigs and beef washed in lactic acid is meant to show the Europeans are serious about a deal.
Transatlantic trade talks near lift-off
Like putting an astronaut on Mars, a US-EU bilateral transatlantic trade deal has been a long-held dream of policy makers that seemed always out of reach. Yet Brussels and Washington are edging closer to the launch pad.