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Don’t let Americans put hormones and pesticides in our dinner, warns Jamie Oliver as he launches latest food offensive
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is planning a campaign to stop British food standards being lowered to allow American food imports pumped full of pesticides and hormones into the UK under TTIP.
EFSA says use of peroxyacetic acid would not cause toxicity concerns
In response to a US request, the European Food Safety Authority has given a thumbs up to peracetic acid washes for chicken carcasses, an area of concern for consumers in the TTIP talks.
Embracing technology to feed a growing world
It is time for America and Europe to embrace innovation and technology in a safe, sustainable agriculture, says US Secretary of Agriculture.
EU Agriculture would be gross losers in TTIP Agreement - Anderson MEP
A study carried out on behalf of the US Department of Agriculture shows that EU Agriculture would be the gross loser in any of the three scenarios considered.
EU and US mega deal sparks inflated emotions
Negotiations are about import tariffs but mainly about sanitary and phytosanitary standards, which can have far-reaching consequences for agriculture.
EU and US trade sharp words on TTIP
In testy exchange of emails, Commission warns US: Compromise or no deal in 2016.
EU ban on US chicken and ’hormone-treated beef’ should be revisited - US Agriculture Secretary
Concerns that a previous EU-US trade deal was anti-democratic and would lower food safety, labour and environmental standards resulted in in mass protests in Germany, Austria and France in 2015.
EU lawmakers clear US beef imports but fault US tariffs
European Union lawmakers approved an increase in US beef imports to the EU, a move likely to ease transatlantic tensions.
EU on course to allow in more US beef from 2020
European Union plans to allow more US beef imports cleared a key hurdle when EU lawmakers specialising in trade backed the move, which is likely to ease transatlantic tensions.
EU poultry sector concerned about TTIP deal
Representatives of the European poultry industry are increasingly expressing concerns about the upcoming free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States.