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FDCL alert: European free trade onslaught in Latin America
European Union endorses highly dangerous negotiation mandates for free trade areas with Central America and the Andean Community
AfroColombians oppose free trade agreement
Ana Valencia still tries to eke out a living as a miner in the hills near the headwaters of Colombia’s Rio Salvajina. Her sisters are gone now to the nearest city of Cali, where they work as domestics. She’s having a hard time hanging on.
FTA Watch wants charter to curb govt
Thai activist group FTA Watch has called on the Constitution Drafting Assembly to include clauses that oblige the government to seek public and parliamentary endorsement before signing international agreements such as FTAs.
Tribunal announces tentative date for CAFTA referendum
Costa Rica’s Supreme Elections Tribunal has set Sept. 23 as the tentative date for a nationwide popular vote on the controversial Central American Free-Trade Agreement with the United States (CAFTA).
National-level campaign tackles the proposed EU-ASEAN FTA
A broad coalition composed of social movement groups and actors convened to gear up a country-level campaign that will expose and critique the neo-liberal framework that guides the entire free trade agreement (FTA) discourse, now being negotiated between the European Union (EU) and the 10-member ASEAN.
Cuba hosts anti-FTA meeting
The sixth Hemispheric Meeting to Fight Free Trade Agreements and for integration of the peoples began sessions at Havana Convention Center on Thursday.
Regional churches reject Economic Partnership Agreements
Churches from Southern and Eastern Africa have called for a review of the proposed Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between the European Union and the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.
The Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and the United States should be rejected by the respective Congresses of both nations
Open letter to US Congress, signed by hundreds of Colombia organizations
Referendum on FTA unleashes political controversy in Costa Rica
The call for a referendum in Costa Rica to decide on the future of a free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States has unleashed a hotly-debated controversy on the issue, which has marked political life here over the last three years, the AFP reports.
Huh Se-uk lives on in our struggle
Huh Se-uk has died, but he lives on in our struggle, which continues. Inheriting his message and strength, we will defeat the Korea-US FTA.
Anti-FTA rally expected in Seoul in memory of dead protester
A massive rally is expected in downtown Seoul Wednesday as thousands of protesters are to gather to pay tribute to a man who burnt himself to death in protest of free trade talks between South Korea and the United States.
800 NGOs: "KorUS FTA is invalid!"
Korean Alliance against KorUS FTA concludes people’s protest should go on. They declared "KorUS FTA is Invalid" and decided to have nationwide strikes at the end of June, which is supposedly when the agreement will be signed.
South Korean workers demand free trade deal with US be canceled
Thousands of South Korean workers took to the streets of the capital Saturday, demanding that a just-concluded free trade agreement between their country and the United States be scrapped.
Anti-FTA rallies expected on weekend
Several anti-FTA rallies are to take place in central Seoul this weekend, and clashes between protesters and police, and traffic jams are expected.
Farmer kills one, injures two over FTA
Discouraged by the April 2 settlement of the US-Korea free trade agreement (FTA), a Korean farmer fired upon several others, killing one and injuring another two.
FTA Watch and allies reject JTEPA
Today is a day of the deepest shame for Thailand and the Tai people. The coup-installed government of Gen Surayuth Chulanon has decided to sign a free trade agreement with Japan. This is in spite of the nation-wide impact that this agreement will have on the environment, biological resources, farmers, patients, small businesses and the majority consumers of health services. We insist that JTEPA as signed by the government today is null and void. We reject it and refute any obligations it places on the Thai people.
FTA protestor who immolated himself in serious condition
Heo Se-ok, who set himself on fire on April 1 in protest of the Korean government’s moves to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with the US, still remains in serious condition with burns over 63 percent of body, hospital officials said. The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions issued a statement holding the government responsible for Heo’s taking of extreme measures to protest the situation.
Self burning against Kor-US FTA
A taxi driver Heo Seuk, 54 years old man, burnned himself and left his last speech, "Give up the KorUS FTA". He was in the fire for 2 minutes and the ambulance arrived 5 minutes later. Fortunately he is alive now. But his doctor Lee Jeongsub explained that the probability that he would survive is 20 30 percent.
Labor groups boycott S Korea-US FTA deal
Korean labor groups voiced their strong opposition to the just-reached deal between South Korea and the United States to effectively dismantle their tariff barriers. The groups vowed to launch a campaign to nullify the free trade agreement deal (FTA) and even threatened to attempt to oust President Roh Moo-hyun.
KCTU union member attempting self-immolation as an act of resistance KORUS FTA!
Around 3:55 pm, April 1st 2007, Bro. Heo Se-Wook (54), a union member of KCTU, was attempting to suicide by self-immolation as an act of resistance against the Korea-US FTA negotiation. His health condition is very serious and receiving an emergency medical treatment at the Hangang Scared Heart Hospital. We need your solidarity and support.