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Farmers fear economic fallout from Pacific FTA
Japanese farmers voiced concerns Tuesday about the day’s decision by the Cabinet to begin consultations with the United States and other countries to forge a trans-Pacific free-trade agreement, saying further liberalization of trade would deal them a heavy blow.
Arrêt des négociations sur un accord de libre-échange agricole - maintenant et définitivement
Le Parlement fédéral aura la possibilité de prendre une décision de planification, soumise au référendum, sur l’arrêt des négociations entre la Suisse et l’UE
Tokyo warned of risks from Pacific trade pact
Takashi Shinohara, senior vice minister for agriculture, strongly denies Japanese media reports that Tokyo has already decided to launch talks with the US and others on entry to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Farm leader opposed to Japan participating in trans-pacific FTA
Mamoru Moteki, president of the Central Union of Agricultural Co-operatives, told a press conference that government subsidies to farming families alone cannot prompt farmers to accept Japan’s participation in the FTA.
Wisconsin cheese makers concerned with trade deal
Wisconsin cheese makers are reacting to a free trade agreement between the European Union and South Korea which may require them to re-name their cheeses.
NFU warns new trade agreement with EU could crush Canadian farmers
National Farmers Union President, Terry Boehm, warns this agreement will further intensify Canada’s farm income crisis. "The CETA would mean many changes, but none more negative than its effect to extinguish farmers’ rights to save and re-use seeds," states Boehm.
South Korean farmers protest against free trade with China
Chanting slogans, shaving their heads and painting banners using their own blood, more than 10,000 farmers gathered in downtown Seoul for the biggest rally by the farmers this year.
Draft decision on EU-Morocco bilateral trade agreement for food and fisheries products adopted
"The agreement will reinforce the position of European ag exporters on the Moroccan market, representing a major offensive interest for the EU," says the European Commission
Indian farmers against Indo-Japan EPA
A common platform of several farmers groups, the Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers Movements, has charged the Central government with complete lack of transparency on the implications of the proposed Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement or CEPA with Japan and the inclusion of agriculture on its agenda.
Pressure over farmers could stall trade deals: official
Political pressure to protect farmers will stall Taiwan’s dreams of signing free trade agreements (FTA) with Southeast Asia, setting back a piece of the island’s growth strategy, a senior official said.
Canada, Costa Rica to modernize F.T.A.
Canada and Costa Rica have agreed to work toward modernizing the existing bilateral free-trade agreement, announced Peter Van Loan, Canada’s minister of international trade, who just concluded his five-day, four-country visit to Latin America.
Korea denies new concessions on U.S. FTA
Korea yesterday denied a U.S. media report that it planned to make new “concessions” to secure the ratification of the Korea-U.S. free trade agreement from the U.S. Congress.
Third farm bill hearing focuses on trade policy
The agriculture community heard directly from U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk recently on trade priorities that have stalled despite their importance to the industry’s market share around the world.
Indonesia says restriction on beef imports will protect domestic industry
Indonesia’s restriction on beef imports from New Zealand is aimed at protecting local breeders, a spokesman of the Trade Ministry said, as the dispute goes to the upcoming ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA forum.
US Trade Delegation Makes SOS Trip to Columbia
More than 100 industrialists from the US are touring Columbia to identify potential areas of trade, and maximize their business prospects under the new regime before it is too late as the new president of Columbia is equi-distant in ideology with all schools of thoughts in the Americas.
National body to monitor flood of imports
The Ministry of Trade and Industry is in the process of establishing a national body under the 2002 Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Agreement.
Kirk: Korea-US FTA Renegotiations Will Only Focus on Beef and Auto
United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk says it is unlikely that other clauses will be included when bilateral talks are held to address Washington’s concerns on beef and auto regarding the Korea-US free trade agreement.
Indian milk protests could harm Free Trade deal
Shiv Shena protestors angry over their government’s dairy deal with NZ giant Fonterra drained valuable milk from a tanker and are threatening to torch a Fonterra shipment next month.
R-CALF proposes renegotiation of FTAs
R-CALF USA sent a letter to President Obama Tuesday requesting a moratorium on future FTAs and rejection of the pending FTAs with Colombia, Korea and Panama until the impacts current FTAs have on the profitability and viability of US producers is assessed.
EU wine diplomacy and Indian exports
The EU has many bilateral agreements on wine in order to aggressively protect its corporate interests