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Cambodian people’s statement on the EU-India free trade agreement on generic drugs
We, Cambodian garment workers, sex workers, entertainment workers, people living with HIV, LGBTs, university students, feminists and human right activists from different networks and organisations came together to express our concern about the threat posed by the forthcoming EU-India free trade agreement to the lives of millions of people in Cambodia and many other developing countries across the world.
Land grabs in Cambodia
We call on the European Union to suspend some features of its Everything but Arms (E.B.A.) initiative, which grants duty-free access to products from many developing countries, including Cambodia.
Is the European Commission sweet on land grabbing? Trade benefits, sugarcane concessions and dispossession in Cambodia
Over the past several years, hundreds of thousands of Cambodians have been uprooted from their homes, farmlands, and forests by companies that have been granted concessions for the development of agro-industrial plantations.
ASEAN’s newer members and the Asian noodle bowl: coming to grips with multilateralism
Jayant Menon discusses the trade policy challenges faced by Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam (CLMV)—the newest members of ASEAN. The paper concludes that the multilateralised single-rate system is a better alternative to the multiple-rate system and thus suggests that CLMV countries should follow the original ASEAN members and multilateralize their CEPT tariff preferences. It encourages both old and new members to do the same, especially in the context of proliferating ASEAN+1 FTAs
Revealed: the bitter taste of Cambodia’s sugar boom
"Scrambling to take advantage of the EU’s Everything But Arms (EBA) treaty, which allows duty-free, quota-free access to Europe for Cambodian goods, Cambodia’s agro-barons are trampling human rights underfoot, according to campaigners. Western companies have been accused of being complicit, seeking out the cheapest sugar, whatever the consequences.
Govt to soon implement FTA with Indonesia, Cambodia
India will soon implement the free trade agreement (FTA) in goods with two more Asean countries — Indonesia, Cambodia — by slashing duties on hundreds of products including seafood, chemicals, apparel and tyres. In turn the two countries will also slash import duties on hundreds of Indian goods.
The danger of trade agreements
When Cambodia negotiates an FTA with a hegemonic power, it must use a template which confines the negotiations to trade matters only, says Jagdish Bhagwati
FTA with Cambodia to go into effect in November
A free trade agreement (FTA) between South Korea and Cambodia will go into effect as of November, the government said Friday.
U.S., Cambodian senior officials meet on trade, investment
The United States Trade Representative Susan C. Schwab met with Cambodian Minister of Commerce Cham Prasidh on Wednesday in Cambodia to discuss ways to broaden and deepen bilateral trade and investment ties, said a press release.
Japan revs up its Indochina diplomacy
Amid intensifying rivalry between Tokyo and Beijing over influence in Asia, Japan is revving up its drive to strengthen relations with countries in Indochina, an economically backward but geopolitically important part of the region. The target countries are Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, which are collectively referred to as the "CLV" countries.
Japan eyes investment treaty with Cambodia, Laos
Japan is considering starting negotiations on signing a bilateral investment treaty with Cambodia and Laos to promote the entry of Japanese businesses in the developing economies’ markets.
US, Cambodia sign trade, investment framework
The United States and Cambodia signed an agreement on Friday to increase trade and investment flows as part of a broader American initiative in the region, the US Trade Representative’s office said.
Thailand : US FTAs push Thai garment exporter out of the country
Thai garment manufacturers are currently on tenter hooks as the US goes about concluding Free Trade Agreements with different countries having apparel and textile manufacturing bases.
Hopes of US duty-free access fading for Asian countries
The road to US duy-free access could be longer than expected for a series of emerging countries. While Pakistan was recently refused that textiles and apparel benefit from preferential treatment, chances of duty-free access for Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Cambodia are progressively fading.
Japan to be less demanding on FTAs with Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos
Japan will not demand as much market opening in negotiations on free trade agreements with Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, compared with talks with the more developed members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, it was learned Monday.