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Compulsory licensing in Colombia: Leaked documents show aggressive lobbying by Novartis
Confidential documents obtained by Public Eye show that Novartis has threatened Colombia with international investment arbitration under its BIT with Switzerland to avoid the issuance of a compulsory license
Pharmaceutical giant threatens to drag Government before corporate tribunal
Novartis battle against Colombian Government highlights the threats to public health posed by the outrageous investor-state dispute settlement regime and bad “trade” deals.
A case for trade enforcement: Colombia and intellectual property
President Trump and members of his administration have talked about the need to be tougher on trade enforcement
When you thought trade deals could not get any worse — enter Wall Street
What connects two proposed gold mines, one in the high-altitude wetlands of Colombia and one in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania?
EFTA states, Colombia to improve free trade deal
Colombia and the member states of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) have discussed making improvements to their bilateral free trade agreement.
Eco Oro files request for arbitration against Colombia
The claim relates to Eco Oro’s dispute with Colombia in relation to State measures that have destroyed the value of its investments in the Colombian mining sector.
The impacts of FTAs on Colombian workers
Summary of the impacts of FTAs, analyzed by the FTA Observatory
Repercussions in Colombia of the free trade agreement with the European Union
Various points of interest emerged during the discussions around the negotiation and ratification of this Free Trade Agreement (FTA), and after three years of its provisional implementation, it is a good time to revisit these issues.
Pacific Alliance members invite Uruguay to sign free trade agreements
Uruguay, which will soon sign a free trade deal with Chile and upgrade its agreement with Mexico, has been invited by Colombia and Peru to turn its current agreements with them into an FTA as well
Free trade is killing Colombian labor activists
Workers attempting to exercise their rights have suffered at least 1,466 threats and acts of violence since the trade deal went into effect in 2012.
Costa Rica to capitalize on free trade agreement with Colombia?
The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Costa Rica and Colombia will become effective this August 1.
Korea-Colombia FTA to take effect this week
The Korea-Colombia free trade agreement will go into effect from July 16. The agreement will eliminate tariffs on 4,390 Korean export products to the South American country.
Colombian campesinos: change the constitution, end ’free trade’
“We hold free trade agreements responsible for the bankruptcy of small producers, and we want them renegotiated”
Korea-Colombia FTA to be effective July
Colombia informed South Korea earlier in the day that it has completed the ratification process of the deal clinched in 2013, adding that the deal will go into effect on July 15.
Canadian junior miner, Colombia in trade dispute over rights at national park
A small Canadian mining company has found itself at the centre of a highly charged dispute over its rights to mine for gold in a Colombian nature reserve.
No deal is better than a bad deal: 4 years of US-Colombia free trade pact
Since a free trade agreement between the United States and Colombia came into force on May 15, 2012, exports from Colombia to the US have been cut in half while violence against labor rights workers persists.
Colombia not enforcing US trade deal labor standards - unions
Colombia has failed to enforce worker protections in a free trade agreement with the United States, U.S. and Colombian labor unions said, raising questions about similar provisions in the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.
Letter from Colombian Embassy regarding Senate Finance, USTR pressure on Novartis compulsory license
The letter says that this dispute over the compulsory license could prejudice resources for a new initiative called "Paz Colombia", as well as the US FTA with Colombia, and access to the TPP.
Colombia: there’s no place for clean water under ’free trade’
The latest country to be hooked under ’free trade’ agreements is Colombia sued for tens of billions of dollars for valuing its national parks and the high-altitude Andean wetlands that provide 70% of the nation’s water above the profits of foreign corporations.