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India, Iceland review ties, status of negotiations on trade agreement
India and Iceland reviewed the status of ties, including trade and investments and the India-EFTA Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement (TEPA) negotiations.
UK signs trade deal with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein
Britain’s government said it signed a free trade deal with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, its latest post-Brexit trade agreement.
Norway inks interim trade agreement with UK, Iceland; deal means no new tariffs on seafood products
The parties inked an interim trade continuity agreement and are also negotiating a free trade agreement, to be completed as soon as possible.
Ukraine, Iceland to speed up preparation of mutual investment protection agreement
Foreign Minister of Ukraine and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iceland agreed to accelerate the preparation of an agreement on promotion and mutual protection of investments.
Why is Iceland the focus of Washington’s new trade strategy?
A free trade deal with Iceland has an important benefit: It’s part of a broader plan to boost America’s presence in the Arctic region as a bulwark against Russia and China.
UK reaches post-Brexit trade agreement with Iceland and Norway
Britain reached an a deal with Iceland and Norway to allow trade to continue unchanged if it leaves the European Union without a deal
Five Nordic countries pitch for FTA with India
The five Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden have pitched for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with India to increase business ties.
Iceland agrees with CJEU, excludes Western Sahara from trade deal
All four members states of the EFTA free trade association conclude in the same way as the Court of Justice of the European Union. Goods from Western Sahara cannot be inluded in free trade agreements with Morocco.
India, Iceland agree to facilitate trade and economic partnership
India and Iceland on Tuesday agreed that a trade and economic partnership agreement between India and the EFTA countries would facilitate more economic relations between the two countries.
Iceland eager to reach free trade agreement with Japan
Iceland Foreign Minister Gunnar Sveinsson said his country is eager to reach a free trade agreement with Japan, calling on Tokyo to take “new steps” in this direction.
China-Iceland free trade agreement details released
A free trade agreement between China and Iceland, the first between Beijing and a European economy, will relax tariffs for Icelandic imports of all industrial products and most agricultural goods, Chinese state media said on Thursday.
Iceland is first in Europe to sign free trade pact with China
Iceland became the first European country to sign a free trade agreement with China in a bid to sell its expertise in geothermal energy to the $7.3 trillion Asian economy.
Iceland to sign FTA with China
Iceland will become the first European country to sign free trade agreement with China next week, according to Prime Minister of Iceland Johanna Sigurdardottir who kicked off her visit to Beijing on Friday.
Premier sees great potential in cooperation with Iceland
Visiting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Saturday that cooperation between China and Iceland had great potential.
Iceland moves closer to full trade deal with China
Iceland, one of the world’s largest fish producers, is moving closer to a free trade deal with China, one of the world’s fastest growing consumers of seafood. European fish processors are worried that the price of white fish, salmon and prawns could rise even higher than they are now if China becomes a fish buyer in a big way.
China, Iceland upbeat on FTA talks
China and Iceland will kick off free trade agreement (FTA) talks next week, and are expected to make substantial progress.
China, Iceland to start free trade agreement talks
China and Iceland plan to begin formal negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement soon following successful talks earlier this month.
China launches its first FTA feasibility study with a European country
A local researcher said Thursday that China’s announcement of the launch of feasibility study on a free trade agreement (FTA) with Iceland is "of great significance. "
China, Iceland agree to start FTA feasibility research
China and Iceland on Tuesday agreed to start feasibility research on forging a free trade area.