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Irish focus as EU’s Hogan opens China investment talks
Later this week negotiations for a comprehensive agreement on investment between the EU and mainland China will be held in Brussels.
Emission intensity of Irish beef vs. Brazilian beef outlined by MEP
The high emission intensity of beef production in the Mercosur countries can reach levels that are more than double the emission intensity of Irish beef.
Ireland could try to block Mercosur trade deal on Amazon concerns - Varadkar
Irish Prime Minister has said Dublin will vote against a trade deal between the European Union and South American trade bloc Mercosur unless Brazil takes action to protect the rainforest.
Capitol Hill could imperil any new US-UK trade deal
What might become the biggest obstacle of all has to do with Ireland, not with Britain per se.
Government defeated in Dáil vote on Mercosur trade deal
The motion condemned the trade agreement, recently agreed between the EU and four South American countries, as “a bad deal for Ireland and for the planet” and mandated the Government to oppose the deal at the Council of Ministers in the future.
Angry scenes outside Leinster House as Gov accused of throwing farmers ’under the bus’
The Irish Government has been accused of throwing farmers under the bus with the Mercosur trade deal.
Beef farmers protest over Mercosur negotiations
A number of beef farmers held a protest outside the EU Commission offices in Dublin, against negotiations which they claim make a mockery of an EU climate strategy.
IFA to protest on ‘sell-out trade deal’ with Mercosur
A protest will be held by the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) at the European Commission offices in Dublin over the “double standards of the commission” in their reckless pursuit of a sell-out trade deal” with the Mercosur trade bloc.
‘Take beef off the table in Mercosur negotiations’ – IFA
Ireland must stand and insist that Europe rejects beef imports which fail to meet key standards on traceability, food safety and the environment.
Pelosi warns there will be no US-U.K. trade deal if Brexit harms the Irish peace accord
"If there were to be any weakening of the Good Friday accords, there would be no chance whatsoever, a nonstarter, for a US-U.K. trade agreement," said US House Speaker
EU keen to get Mercosur deal over line as trade war with US ramps up
Talks on a trade deal between the EU and South American Mercosur bloc are heating up this summer.
Beef lobby ramps up pressure on Mercosur
The Irish government will not block any future trade deal between the EU and Mercosur, despite intense lobbying by the farm organisations and meat processors.
Trade deals with Australia and New Zealand could cause chaos for Irish agriculture
This week’s confirmation that the European Union (EU) is to commence trade talks with Australia and New Zealand has bad news written all over it from the perspective of Irish agriculture.
Comprehensive free trade deal is preferred option to avoid ’hard border’
December’s deal to avoid a hard border stands and the preferred option to secure that is through a comprehensive free trade deal, the Prime Minister has said.
Ireland and France furious with EU over plan to import more beef from Brazil
The European Union (EU) is facing a stinging attack from Ireland and France after Europe moved to open up the lucrative beef market to Brazil.
Farmers are most worried about the ramifications of TTIP
Farmers, more than any other socio-economic group, are most worried about the impact of world trade deals such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
Public wants referendum on TTIP - poll
The vast majority of Irish people want a referendum on the proposed US-EU free trade deal if it looks like it could become law, a survey suggests.
IFA wants Coveney to defend farmers against potential EU/Mercosur trade deal
The IFA is calling on Minister Coveney and Ireland’s MEPs to come out strongly against a potential EU/Mercosur deal and in defence of farmers and the agriculture sector.
Beef exports to Canada to start within three months
Ireland will become one of the first EU regions to export beef to Canada as part of the CETA trade agreement.
New Zealand/EU free trade talks criticised
Irish Farmers Association president Eddie Downey has already warned that farmers across Europe would resist any trade deal with New Zealand that could undermine the EU’s valuable domestic markets for beef, sheep, and dairy products.