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Israel unhappy after EU blacklists 1980s town
The European Commission on 3 August added three postal codes to a register of over 500 codes relating to "Israeli settlements located within the territories brought under Israeli administration since June 1967"
EU-Israel: One hand whitewashes the other
The European Union is being duplicitous by condemning Israel’s human rights abuses while increasing trade links.
Palestinian youth reject EU hypocrisy in upgrading relations with Israel
The Palestinian youth are tired of the EU’s hypocrisy and contemptuous policies that use aid and development programs to mask political cowardice and complicity in Israel’s crimes
Indo-Israel FTA likely by this year-end
The India and Israel Free Trade Agreement (Indo-Israel FTA) is likely to be signed by the end of this year or in the second quarter of next year, according to Yahel Vilan, minister and deputy chief of mission, Israel Embassy.
EU fails to uphold international law with Israel
As organizations dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), we are strongly concerned about the EU’s lack of commitment to human rights in light of what is essentially an intensification of bilateral relations with Israel.
EU to intensify cooperation with Israel: double standards in practice
Barely two months after the EU Council Conclusions, stating that Israeli activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory were undermining the two-state solution, the EU has just offered Israel 60 new activities of cooperation during the Association Council meeting it held with Israel in Brussels on July 24th .
Israel, Korea hope to start negotiations on free trade pact
Israel and Korea hope to begin formal free trade negotiations next year, according to Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister on Thursday.
EU-Israel Association Agreement upgraded
Following a meeting of the Association Council on 24th July, the EU confirmed that it has moved to upgrade relations with the State of Israel.
Israel loath to permit liberal access to skilled Indians
Israel has expressed reservations over India’s demand for easier movement of skilled professionals through a free trade agreement.
Ban on settlement goods wouldn’t break EU laws
A new report by Cambridge law professor James Crawford says that "there do not appear to be any EC laws which could be breached by a member state taking the decision to ban the import of settlement produce on public policy grounds."
EU bans Israeli settler products
The global campaign to boycott companies involved in Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories is spreading, according to advocates of this form of "non-violent resistance."
South Africa: What’s in a label?
South Africa’s recent demand that products originating in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and Golan Heights remove the label "Made in Israel" is extremely significant - much more so than the European Union’s decision to deny these products preferential status and subject them to customs duty.
S.Africa wants change in import labels, angers Israel
Israeli goods produced in the occupied Palestinian territories and sold in South Africa may no longer be labelled "Made in Israel," the South African trade minister said on Monday, causing concern in Israel that other countries may follow suit.
Goods from occupied lands should not be part of trade deal with Israel
In late 2010, former trade minister Peter Van Loan announced that Canada and Israel would start exploratory talks to upgrade the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA). Earlier this year, the Ministry of International Trade finished public consultations and is now in internal discussions to implement the upgrades.
Sri Lanka, Israel hold bilateral trade talks
Sri Lanka and Israel have held their first bilateral consultation on enhancing trade ties, authorities said.
Indo-Israel FTA likely to be concluded this year
An Indo-Israel Free Trade Agreement is expected to be concluded this year, paving the way for further expansion in bilateral trade between the two countries. Mr Muneer Akbaria, Consul-General, Consulate General of Israel, said discussions between the two countries on the FTA were at an advanced level.
Colombia to begin FTA talks with Israel
Colombia’s Business, Industry, and Tourism minister has announced the first round of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks to be held with Israel next week, said Colombian business newspaper Portfolio, Thursday.
No Trade with Apartheid! Against the expansion of the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement
Last fall, the Conservative government announced plans to expand the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA), a set of policies that serves to further legitimize Israeli occupation and apartheid, and deepen Canadian corporate and state involvement in Israeli racism and colonialism.
Contre l’expansion de l’accord de libre-échange Canada-Israël (Hiver 2012)
L’automne dernier, le gouvernement conservateur a annoncé qu’il planifiait l’expansion de l’Accord de libre-échange Canada-Israël (ALÉCI), un ensemble de procédures qui servent à légitimer davantage l’occupation et l’apartheid israélien, et renforce la participation de certaines compagnies ainsi que du gouvernement canadien a la politique de racisme et de colonialisme prôné par Israël.
India, Israel to hold another round of talks on Free Trade Agreement
India and Israel will hold another round of negotiations by the end of March on signing the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to achieve a bilateral trade figure of USD 10-15 billion per year.