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North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

An example of regulatory chill
The case of Ethyl v. Canada.
Lobbyists want to use Nafta to fast-track Trump’s agenda
Lobbyists in Washington are using the deal’s rewrite to advance a broad legislative agenda making it easier for US companies to build factories, move cargo and export coal.
US drops auto-content proposal in NAFTA talks: The Globe and Mail
The US government has dropped a demand that all vehicles made in Canada and Mexico for export to the United States contain at least 50 percent US content.
In Nafta talks, US tries to limit junk food warning labels
The contentious negotiations over the fate of the North American Free Trade Agreement have veered into one of the world’s most pressing health issues: fighting obesity.
US weighs Nafta telecom proposal to end AT&T impasse
Trump’s negotiators had sought to pen in Mexican regulations. Mexico countered with trilateral plan to promote competition.
Oil and gas leaders warn Trump he risks harming their industry
Trump disagrees with executives on Nafta arbitration language. Industry leaders say it provides an essential safety net.
Mexican minister ramps up pressure for speedy NAFTA deal
Mexico’s economy minister urged officials to push for a speedy renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), saying his country and Canada must be ready to go it alone if the United States pulls out.
NAFTA countries close out three more chapters as political calendars tighten up
Ministers welcomed the completion of those three chapters, which involved good regulatory practices, publication and administration, and sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures.
Fair use and platform safe harbors in NAFTA
What’s needed is a much more open and inclusive process, to ensure that trade agreements such as NAFTA reflect the needs of all rather than just those of well-connected corporate lobbies.
Canada didn’t violate trade agreement in B.C. pulp mill case, NAFTA tribunal rules
A NAFTA tribunal rejects $250-million claim by Mercer International Inc. against the Canadian government.
US says time running short for NAFTA talks, floats bilateral deals
"We are prepared to move on a bilateral basis," Lighthizer said. Trump added that tariffs on steel and aluminum will only come off if "fair NAFTA agreement is signed."
Protecting and promoting copyright balance in NAFTA
The ongoing NAFTA renegotiation presents a prime opportunity to move the ball on protecting and promoting general public interest copyright exceptions.
NAFTA talks on autos eyed for next week: Mexico negotiator
US, Mexican and Canadian trade experts leading efforts to draft new rules for auto content under a revised NAFTA trade deal aim to meet next week,
5 reasons Mexican workers would cheer the demise of NAFTA
Any new integration model for North America should be based on justice, equality, democracy, peace and care of the environment.
Cargill executive stresses importance of NAFTA, TPP to US agriculture
The world is fed on trade and the United States must secure its place at the table with fair and sound trade policies, most notably NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), said a Cargill executive.
US NAFTA autos negotiator called from Mexico for consultations: officials
The US negotiator for regional content requirements in autos flew back to Washington from a NAFTA round in Mexico on Monday to talk with car companies, officials said, in a development some hoped would lead to progress on the contentious issue.
New NAFTA talks aim to clear pathway to toughest issues
Mexico and Canada aim to finish reworking less contentious chapters of the NAFTA trade deal with the United States in new talks, hoping to clear the path for a breakthrough on the toughest issues before upcoming elections.
NAFTA a good deal for corporations, a bad deal for the country
Should the US remain in the controversial North American Free Trade Agreement?
Canadian corporation uses NAFTA to threaten proposed protection for Puget Sound
The proposed policy follows the escape of over 200,000 Atlantic salmon from the company’s fish farms, sparking outcry from Indigenous groups, environmentalists, and fishing communities.
Cooke Aquaculture Pacific urges lawmakers to consider jobs, science-based policy, fair and equitable treatment
Will seek NAFTA arbitration if ban on Atlantic salmon farming is approved.