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Peruvian workers warn about national strike
The General Confederation of Peruvian Workers (CGTP) warned on Tuesday that it will stage a national strike to demand higher salaries and to protest against the Free Trade Agreement with the United States.
Peru, Mexico extend economic agreement
Peru and Mexico have agreed to extend their current Economic Agreement, due to end on Dec 31 this year, until June 30 2008. Meanwhile, talks on a bilateral free trade treaty are set to be reopened in September in Mexico City.
Peru, China to negotiate FTA early 2008
Peru and China will begin negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in the first months of 2008
US-Peru economic relations and the US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
A Congressional Research Service report for US Congress
Costa Rica opposition leader calls for renegotiation of Cafta
The top opposition leader in Costa Rica said he wants to renegotiate a free-trade agreement with the US, citing as a precedent the US revamping of a similar agreement with Peru.
Observers watchful of US trade impact on medicines access
The United States has begun incorporating a revised intellectual property and health policy into its bilateral trade deals. But although the overall softer approach towards its partners may improve access to medicines, the debate on the impact of the US free trade agreements on public health in developing countries is not over, according to close observers.
On free trade, Democrats and Bush can’t even agree on facts
Free-trade agreements can create new opportunities for consumers and exporters, but making them law isn’t always easy.
Canadian and Colombian labour jointly reject trade talks
In a joint statement, the largest labour federations in Canada and Colombia reject the announced trade negotiations between Canada, Colombia and Peru as “an extreme free-market trade and investment model which guarantees the rights of investors over the human, social, economic, cultural and labour rights of its citizens.”
Peru: protests against US trade accord rock country
Peruvian unionists, campesinos, leftists and nationalists came together to stage a massive one-day general strike on July 11.
Peruvian trade union protests and strikes continue
Despite threats of military repression by the government, activists said today they would continue the general strike called by the General Federation of Peruvian Workers, which is demanding a better distribution of wealth. Likewise, the National Agrarian Federation will continue its protest against a free trade agreement with the United States.
Peru unions strike US trade deal
The Peruvian National Federation of Mining and Metallurgical Workers announced that they will adhere to the general strike of state teachers demanding salaries and against the Free Trade Treaty (FTT) with the United States.
Bush administration, industry meet as Panama, Peru trade deals delayed
Senior members of the Bush administration and several US industry representatives were meeting today in Washington in order to devise a plan under which stalled free trade agreements (FTAs) with Panama and Peru might be quickly approved by Congress.
Peru: trade pact approved amid protests
On the evening of June 26, hundreds of people vigiled in Lima, Peru, to protest the efforts of the ruling Aprista party majority in Congress to push through the "addenda" of a free trade treaty between the US and Peruvian governments.
US House OKs 8-month Andean trade benefit extension
The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday approved an eight-month extension of long-standing trade benefits for Andean countries, potentially setting the stage for approval of a free trade pact with Peru and a contentious debate on a deal with Colombia.
US House set to vote on extending Andean trade preferences
The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote today on a plan to extend trade preferences for Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia for eight months.
USTR, Congress settle on changes to trade deals
The Bush administration and U.S. lawmakers have agreed on a blueprint to strengthen labor and environmental protections in four pending free trade deals, trade officials said on Monday.
Four trade deals on the horizon
International Trade Minister David Emerson says the successful completion of Canada’s first free trade deal in six years will signal the country’s re-emergence as a player on the global trade scene.
Critics of Peru FTA call Democrats hypocritical about social security
Critics of a U.S. trade deal with Peru say House Democrats are violating their party’s principle that social security systems should not be privatized by backing a deal that could lock in a partially privatized system in Peru.
Peruvian leader for toughening ties with Chile
Peruvian President Alan Garcia rejected the demand made by opposition leader Ollanta Humala to freeze an economic agreement with Chile until the border dispute is solved.
International signature campaign against EFTA FTAs
The member states from the European Free Trade Association EFTA (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland) are increasingly negotiating bilateral free trade agreements with developing countries. In 2007, they strive to enter into negotiations with Peru, Colombia, India and Indonesia. Plese join this signature campaign to stop them.