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ITC launches new investigation on possible modification to the US-Chile FTA rules of origin
The investigation, Probable Economic Effect of Certain Modifications to the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement Rules of Origin, was requested by the US Trade Representative (USTR)
S. Korea, EU spar over ’rules of origin’
Under EU-suggested rules, a product would be considered as coming from a trading partner only when at least 60 percent of the value of the finished item is added in that country. South Korean negotiators want the ratio to be lowered to 40 percent, as a number of manufacturers in the country outsource many components from neighboring countries such as China to cut costs.
Tough FTA rules to curb trade diversions
Being on an overdrive to ink several free trade agreements (FTA) following the recent collapse of the WTO talks, India is now mulling tightening standards on rules of origin (ROOs) of goods by including new ‘product-specific’ norms.
Comesa intensifying talks with EC on EPA rules of origin
With six months remaining for African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) says it has intensified discussions with the European Commission (EC) on the rules of origin.
India: Study commissioned to rationalise rules of origins
A study has been commissioned by the government to rationalise various provisions in Rules of Origins (RoO) contained in many agreements
Disagreement puts India-GCC FTA on backburner
Plans to put an India-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in place have suffered a setback despite two rounds of talks earlier this year. According to officials, due to the absence of customs union and disagreement among the GCC countries, talks of an FTA with India are now stuck.
Israel, Jordan upgraded QIZ trade pact
The newly signed agreement intends to improve supervision on compliance with rules of origin under the qualified industrial zones (QIZ) treaty.
Unequal partners
This paper by Claire Godfrey provides a wide-ranging look at the many problems with the EPAs, and investigates how these could impact on the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries’ future development.
Offering a realistic alternative
Outlines the legal and moral obligation of the EU to offer the Pacific ACP an attractive alternative to the EPAs.
Fishing for a future
Provides background information on fisheries in the Pacific and explores the pros and cons of a Pacific fisheries agreement with the EU.
Rules of origin regulations no hinderance, says NZ’s Goff
Asean’s plan to narrow the gap on rules of origin regulations pose no hinderance to the proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with New Zealand and Australia.
FTAs may not be worth their weight, says academic
Thailand’s benefits from bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) may not be worth the cost, according to an academic.
Proposed FTA with Thailand in choppy waters
The proposed India-Thailand free trade agreement (FTA), which was to follow the early harvest programme (EHP) implemented in September 2004, seems to be in trouble. The Thai side is refusing to budge from its new demand of making the rules of origin (ROO) norms for the agreement less stringent than the norms being followed under the EHP.
Array of trade pacts a cause for concern: India Inc
With instances of more than one trade pact being inked with a single country under the Government’s bilateral and regional trade agreements policy, Indian industry is apprehending confusion in import clearances arising from multiplicity of `rules of origin’ norms and `negative lists’ applicable on imports from the same country under the numerous agreements signed with it.
CII: level playing field for domestic industry
Concerned at the spate of Free Trade Agreements being signed by Government, CII on Sunday demanded a comprehensive strategy to ensure a level playing field for the domestic industry including small and medium enterprises.
US investors seek to secure the level of rights enjoyed in their own country
The USTR clearly stated in a negotiation report submitted to the US Congress that American investors should be able to enjoy the same rights in Korea as the ones that they enjoy in the US according to legal principles and practices.
North Korean-made sneakers may trip $29 billion US trade pact
North Korean workers stitching Made in Korea labels on $150 sneakers may hold the key to a $29 billion free-trade agreement between the US and South Korea, the biggest US accord in a decade.
TNC fails to finalize free trade accord
The seven BIMSTEC member countries failed to agree on rules of origin criteria and other outstanding issues, which left text of FTA accord on trade in goods undecided in Bangkok this week.
Bimstec FTA needs to cross one more river
The proposed India-Bimstec (Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan) free trade agreement to be implemented from July 1 2006 has to cross one last hurdle.
BIMSTEC finalizes dispute resolution rules
Trade Negotiation Committee has finalized rules for settling disputes in BIMSTEC free trade agreement. It has, however, failed to converge on the percentage of value addition for rules of origin.