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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (EU-US FTA), sometimes also called Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)

De Gucht comments on TTIP ’stocktaking’ talks
Karel De Gucht has said that while good progress is being made on the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), negotiators must now "step up a gear" if they hope to find common solutions to the problems facing them.
US pushes for greater transparency in EU business regulation
The US is using transatlantic trade negotiations to push for a fundamental change in the way business regulations are drafted in the EU to allow business groups greater input earlier in the process.
EU-US trade talks seen dragging on until mid-2016
As the European Union and the United States wrap up a week of talks on the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) in Washington, the EU still says it hopes to have something to show before the European elections in May. But observers say the real, final deadline is mid 2016, just before the US elections.
American-European trade pact could dwarf TPPA if it becomes a reality
Economies like Malaysia would have to adhere to the tariff levels agreed to between both the EU and the US if they want to export to these markets and those of other potential members such as Japan and South Korea.
Trade chief misleads on GM foods
Who is really in charge of the European Union’s food safety policies? Over the past few weeks, two EU commissioners have been sounding markedly different notes about genetically modified (GM) crops.
What is TTIP?
The US and Europe are currently negotiating TTIP, with little media scrutiny and without public participation.
European Trade Union: voters will sanction secret trade giveaways
The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) today warned European decision makers that voters in the forthcoming European elections would be scrutinising EU trade arrangements, in particular the current negotiations with the United States, and "would not overlook" any deals that did not put European jobs and standards first.
The TTIP, corporatism, and GMOs
Opening up Europe to the full onslaught of US agricultural products and systems is the main goal of the US in pushing for TTIP in the first place.
EU-Canada free trade deal ‘opens door to environmental lawsuits’
Multinationals will have wide-ranging powers to sue EU states that enact health or environmental laws breaching their "legitimate expectations" of profit, according to a leaked ‘investment chapter’ from the Canada-EU free trade agreement. A separate ‘nature and scope’ document for EU-US free trade talks, which EurActiv has seen, makes clear that similar parameters are foreseen for TTIP.
EU ready to lift duties on most US goods for trade pact
EU shows it’s keenness for TTIP by offering to lift nearly all tariffs on goods imported from the US.
Investor-state dispute settlement under TTIP - a risk for environmental regulation?
New report from the Heinrich Boell Foundation reviews the implications of an investor-state dispute settlement provision in TTIP for environmental policies and standards
German public TV videos on TTIP - now in EN
CEO has put English subtitles to two excellent media reports on TTIP that were shown on German public TV in the previous months.
German unrest mounts over EU-US FTA
There is mounting opposition among members of Germany’s black-red Grand Coalition Government to the planned Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and the US.
Move on data protection or fail on TTIP, EU Parliament chair says
On 31 January, there was a stern warning from Elmar Brok, chair of the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, that the United States must move quicker on joint data protection standards to avoid failure of the bilateral talks between the EU and the US.
Prevent free trade agreements TTIP/TAFTA - please sign!
Please sign on to this German petition against TTIP/TAFTA before 24 Feb 2013
Fast track trade in the US hits difficulties
President Obama’s hopes that the Fast Track mechanism would go through congress have met opposition from leading Congress Democrat, Harry Reid.
European Commission announces composition of TTIP expert group
Last Monday the Commission launched a special Advisory Group of experts representing a broad range of interests, from environmental, health, consumer and workers’ interests to different business sectors to provide EU trade negotiators with high quality advice in the areas being negotiated in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks.
Interview: Dutch expert says TTIP might be game changer for geopolitics
Peter van Ham, senior research fellow at the Dutch Clingendael Institute, thinks that TTIP could have an overwhelming standard-setting power for other countries.
Environmental scientists join anti-TTIP tirade
The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership could spell an increase in lawsuits against governments which would not only discourage enforcement of existing environmental regulations, but also diminish the role of environmental scientists, predicts an academic opinion piece.