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Official: African states to meet deadline to establish trading bloc
The Tripartite Free Trade Area will comprise 28 countries, cover approximately 18.3 million square kilometers and hold about 61 percent of the continent’s population.
EU proposes more aid, trade pact to support Tunisia
The European Commission proposed to increase aid to Tunisia and complete a deeper trade pact within three years.
ALECA… Retour sur impact!
Pour couper à toutes les spéculations concernant les éventuelles retombées du futur accord de libre-échange complet et approfondi (ALECA), nous proposons une lecture scientifique.
Ben Guerdane to host free trade zone
The Tunisian government has announced plans to create a free trade zone within the southern town of Ben Guerdane.
ComAgri wants Commission olive oil plan changes
The European Commission’s proposal to allow the sale of 35,000 tons of duty-free Tunisian olive oil in 2016 and 2017 has once again come under fire.
L’économie tunisienne malmenée par le libre-échange
La Tunisie, où l’industrie est en train de dépérir, est en passe de se transformer, grâce au libre-échange, d’un pays «producteur» en un pays «consommateur».
ATL MST Sida-Tunis tire la sonnette d’alarme : l’accès des Tunisiens aux médicaments en danger
Les conséquences des dispositions relatives à la propriété intellectuelle contenues dans l’accord signé entre l’Union Européenne et la Tunisie et leurs conséquences sur la santé publique en Tunisie inquiètent.
EU expands Tunisia olive oil import quota ahead of free trade talks
With its announcement on 17 September 2015 that it is expanding its import quota on Tunisian olive oil, the European Union is preparing the ground for fresh free trade talks with the North African country.
Re-branding the EU-South Mediterranean Relations: What Comprehensive FTAs?
The European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council decision of 14 December 2011 to grant the European Commission a negotiation mandate to study and launch negotiations for Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements (DCFTA) with Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt, which would extend current partial free trade areas in goods to incorporate services and public procurement and some regulatory harmonization with the EU, are part of the Union’s broader trade strategy.
American Congressmen to Propose US-Tunisia Free Trade Agreement
American Congressman David Dreier hosted a press conference at the U.S. Embassy in Tunisia today alongside Ambassador Gordon Gray
EU agrees to start trade negotiations with Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia
The European Commission welcomes today’s decision of the EU Foreign Affairs Council to authorise the opening of trade negotiations with Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia as soon as the necessary preparatory process is completed.
EU seeks to begin FTA negotiations with S. Mediterranean countries
The European Union Foreign Affairs Council on Trade Monday agreed to begin negotiations on "direct and comprehensive" free trade agreements with Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.
Tunisian free trade talks on the horizon
Canada is expected to enter into negotiations toward a free trade agreement with Tunisia next year, and is looking at another deal with Qatar.
French PM Fillon: France to propose to Tunisia association agreement with EU in return for taking back nationals
France is to propose to Tunisia an association agreement with the European Union (EU) in return for "a set of commitments" in relation to Tunisia’s repatriating its nationals whose immigration wave affected Italy.
’Jasmine Revolution’ jolts EU’s north Africa strategy
Sweden’s foreign minister and ex-prime minister, Carl Bildt, has called the EU’s north African strategy a "failure" of democracy in the wake of Tunisia’s ’Jasmine Revolution.’
Tunisia: EP Maghreb delegation calls for independent inquiry into deadly riots
Members of the European Parliament advocate suspending negotiations for an “advanced status” for Tunisia, complementing its EU Association Agreement (FTA).
Tunisian and Algerian businessmen discuss free-trade zone
Businessmen from Algeria and Tunisia are pushing for an FTA between the two countries
Tunisians uncertain about EU free trade agreement
Tunisia opened up a promising new market by entering the Free Trade Zone Agreement with the European Union, but some business and political leaders caution that without protection and modernisation measures, the economic gulf between Tunisia and the EU could get worse, not better.
Turkey: FTA with Tunisia & Morocco vital for textile sector
Currently, Turkey has inked Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with 19 countries and now, the formation of Mediterranean Basin Free Trade Area, is being added which will improve economic and commercial transactions between the Mediterranean countries.
Bahrain societies flay move to normalise ties with Israel
Nineteen societies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have rapped moves to normalise relations with Israel and called for joint national and regional efforts to abort the US-initiated Broader Middle East project.