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Africa & Middle East

Bilateral deal-making involving governments of Africa and the Middle East.

photo: World Bank/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

FTAs: Much more than trade pacts
In keeping with the global trend, it is free trade agreement (FTA) talks galore in the Gulf. Apart from a deal with Lebanon, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are collectively and individually negotiating FTAs with the United States, European Union and India at present.
US seeking new trade pacts with Africa
After calling off negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with five Southern African countries last month, the US has indicated its intentions to negotiate new trade arrangements with several African countries including Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique and Ghana.
South African Minister of Trade and Industry, Mandisi Mpahlwa, has calls for more regional trade cooperation
The South African Minister of Trade and Industry, Mandisi Mpahlwa, has called for more regional trade cooperations among African states.
Qatari Energy Minister in Washington to boost trade talks
Qatari Energy Minister Abdullah Al-Attiyah met with US officials in Washington this week to boost stalled talks on a possible free trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries
Iraq eyes EU trade deal
Iraq’s new government plans to start immediately negotiating a trade and cooperation deal with the European Union, its foreign minister said Monday hailing a "new chapter" in ties with the bloc.
United States and Rwanda sign agreement to deepen trade and investment relations
The United States and Rwanda today signed an agreement aimed at deepening and strengthening trade and investment ties between the two countries.
US envoy addresses Qatari businessmen
The US ambassador to Qatar, Chase Untermeyer, has said he hoped that Qatar follows into the footsteps of its GCC neighbours and concludes a free trade agreement (FTA) with his country.
African nations wary of closer embrace with US
A chorus of US officials is signaling that Washington wants to turn a controversial programme giving poor African nations partial access to US markets into a full-fledged free trade agreement that would open Africa’s economy to US corporations.
Talk of FTA problems premature: US official
It is premature to say there are problems between Qatar and the US in the discussions towards a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs C David Welch said yesterday.
Rwanda: Lift trade barriers first, Kagame urges Africa
President Kagame, who was officially opening the 21st Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Council of Ministers meeting at Hotel Intercontinental, said that while Africa is keenly negotiating for a fairer international trade system, it had done little to open up its markets with conducive investment climates and policies.


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