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West Asia

Bilateral deal-making involving governments of West Asia.

Photo: tbz.foto / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Lebanon and Turkey sign free trade agreement
Lebanon and Turkey signed a free trade agreement to increase bilateral trade and expand private sector cooperation, as well as to pave the way for the establishment of a free trade zone between Lebanon, Turkey, Syria and Jordan.
Iran, Syria to set up joint bank to facilitate bilateral trade ties
A senior Iranian trade official announced that Iran and Syria have prioritized setting up a joint bank in a bid to boost their bilateral trade ties.
Palestinians open trade talks with Mercosur
The Palestinian Authority has opened trade talks with Brazil, Argentina and other Latin American countries, in an effort to boost economic and political ties with the fast-growing Mercosur bloc.
Iran, Syria plan to sign FTA
Iran is in talks with Syria to sign a free trade agreement (FTA) after Damascus and Ankara reached a similar deal, says the Iranian commerce minister.
Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan sign quadripartite FTA
Turkey will join an economic bloc comprising of the Middle Eastern states such as Syria, Lebanon and Jordan ahead of the protracted accession to the EU.
Syria intends to join free trade zone of the customs union
Syrian President Assad has expressed his interest in joining the Free Trade Zone within the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.
Turkey turns east to form free trade zone
Turkey has embarked on the road to a “Middle Eastern Union” as an alternative to the European Union, according to some observers, after Ankara unveiled its vision for a giant free-trade zone spanning from the Bosphorus to Sudan and Morocco.
Davutoğlu proposes regional trade alliance at TAC meeting
Turkey aims to create a free trade zone without visa restrictions with Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu told the Turkish-Arab Cooperation Forum (TAC), which began in İstanbul on Thursday.
Lebanon, Syria Jordan and Turkey to set up FTA
Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria agreed yesterday to set up a free trade zone based on “existing bilateral agreements and practices on free trade and visa exemption” between the parties, adding that Turkey and Lebanon were required to complete a bilateral arrangement before the four-way process could go ahead.
Israel dominates Turkey-Arab forum
Turkey’s prime minister has urged Arab nations to unite and step-up efforts to end Israel’s blockade on the Gaza Strip.