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110,000 citizens sign petition opposing move to North American Union

PR Newswire | 16 Aug 2007

On Eve of SPP Summit, 110,000 Citizens Sign Petition Opposing Move to North American Union

Petitions Gathered In Less Than One Week Show That Citizens Are Deeply
Concerned By Creation of A North American ’Framework’

MAXWELL, Iowa, Aug. 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — As President Bush
prepares to meet with the heads of state of Mexico and Canada for his
second Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) summit on August 21-22 in
Canada, a newly launched petition protesting a move toward the creation of
a North American "framework" has quickly captured the attention of U.S.

The petition opposes the SPP — a trilateral arrangement formed without
Congressional oversight designed to create regulatory, economic, other
institutional structures that facilitate economic, legal and political
integration between the U.S., Canada and Mexico — and calls for
Congressional oversight and approval. Launched by on August
9, the petition has already surpassed 110,000 signers.

"Grassroots citizens are casting a wary eye toward our President and
the agenda of the SPP," says President Steve Elliott. "The
stated goal of the SPP is to create a North American ’framework.’ Americans
are very concerned that this President is building a North American
’framework’ that undermines our nation’s sovereignty — all without
Congressional oversight or approval."

Petitions have been coming in at more 3,700 per hour as the SPP summit
approaches. Grassfire plans on presenting the petitions to the President in
the next 30 days. To access the petition site:

Grassfire media backgrounder:

 source: PR Newswire