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EU-Mercosur FTA texts (EU, Jul 2019)

Regional integration clause
Trade in Goods
Annex on export duties
Annex on import/export monopolies
Annex on trade in wine and spirits
Protocol on rules of origin
Product specific rules of origin
Specific measures concerning the management of preferential treatment
Customs and trade facilitation
Protocol on mutual administrative assistance in customs matters
Technical barriers to trade
Annex on motor vehicles, equipment and parts thereof
Sanitary and phytsanitary measures
Trade defense and global safeguards
Bilateral safeguards
Trade in services and establishment
Government procurement
Current payments and capital movements
State-owned enterprises, enterprises granted exclusive or special privileges
Trade and sustainable development
Small and medium-sized enterprises
Dispute settlement
Annexes to the Dispute Settlement

See also: the texts released by the Government of Uruguay, by the Government of Argentina and the tariff schedule

 source: European Commission