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EU sugar industry fears import pressures In TTIP talks

(Source: hcorper/Flckr)

American Ag Radio Network | 14 August 2014

EU sugar industry fears import pressures In TTIP talks


Europe’s sugar industry fears there could be sugar imports from the combined U.S. and Mexican market if sugar is becomes part of the ongoing Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations.

During last week’s American Sugar Alliance International Sweetener Symposium, European Sugar manufacturers director general Marie-Christine Ribera noted the industry has already seen consolidation and lower prices, according to the Hagstrom report. She stated “Sugar and high-sugar-content products are not ripe for negotiations.” Ribera also said her group does not want more access for ethanol and wants maintenance of strict rules of origin for sugar.

Further, American Sugar Alliance trade adviser Don Phillips noted that given their market situations with large net importers and extensive market access commitments on sugar in other trade agreements, it makes no sense to negotiate additional market access commitments in TTIP. Phillips also said that to his knowledge, neither U.S. nor European negotiators “have responded specifically to these positions.”

 source: American Ag Radio Network