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For life: ¡El Campo no aguanta más!

For Life:
¡El Campo no Aguanta Más!

From the valleys and mountains of the Andes, the peoples of the land make
a call from a continental and world-wide mobilization.

The Ecuadorian Peasant Confederation CONFEUNASSC-CNC, member of the CLOC
(Coordinator of Latin American Organizations of the Countryside) and Vía
Campesina, committed to the continental Campaign in struggle against the
FTAA, is making a callout to join forces with the Days of Resistance and
Struggle against the neo-FTAA, known as the bilateral Free Trade
Agreement, to take place in Quito on the 17 of April, the International
day of Peasant Struggle.

In Québec, Cancún, and Miami we have achieved victories in favor of the
sovereignty of our nations and the unity of our peoples. The fathers of
neoliberalism know that united we are too strong, and have thus taken the
new strategy of “divide and conquer”, opting to push forward the bilateral
Free Trade Agreements.

The entire American continent is on the menu for the government of the
United States. NAFTA, the Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico, was
the apéritif. Now the appetizer is on the table in the form of the CAFTA
with the Central American nations. The main course is to be ourselves, the
Andean Region, and if they can manage it, Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela
will be for dessert.

Ecuador has been a country full of resistance, which, like other Andean
countries has continued to resist the blows of neoliberalism. For many
years we have not only resisted, but we have reclaimed and constructed
alternative ways of life in solidarity and minga which guarantee the
autonomy of our peoples.

The Bolivian people, in a social rebellion, suffered the loss of 77 lives
defending their identities and sovereignty, overthrowing the president and
protecting their natural resources. Our Colombian neighbours live immersed
in a state of repression and violence exacerbated and regionalized by Plan
Colombia, a project initiated by the imperialism of the United States
administration. In the case of Ecuador, the national government has
proclaimed itself the closest ally of the United States, and this is
proving to be true : in the last two months, the government has arrested,
attempted assassination, and assassinated various social leaders, and its
audacity has reached the point of censoring the media, violating the right
to freedom of opinion.

The Days of Resistance in Quito will be days of struggle and of
celebration ; days of reflection, analysis and learning, of cultural and
artistic demonstration as well as political protest. We will be thousands
of living beings, prevailing from all the corners of the planet in order
to make our voices heard, to say loud and strong :

Yes! To Life
No! To the neo-FTAA
No! To the Bilateral Free-Trade Agreements


There are lots of ways to participate in the continental Days of Action:

 Plan a solidarity action in your community

 Come to help with the mobilization in Quito, or with the closest
solidarity mobilization to you

 Help to provide the resources necessary for the mobilizations

 Organize public education initiatives, and spread news before, during, and
after the demonstrations and Days of Action

 Prepare mediums of response in the case that there is repression against
the mobilizations (this can include sending faxes, e-mails, makign calls,
actions/vigils at target locations, working with the media and publicity,

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 source: tlcalca-nunca