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Koreans storm Cargill Corp offices

WSQT Guerilla Radio | 08 Jun 2006

Koreans storm Cargill Corp offices, US complains to S Korean embassy about "loud" trade protests

As today’s round of Korean protests against the proposed US-Korea Free Trade area began, word reached us that the US negotiating team has complained to the South Korean embassy that the protests have been "too loud!"

While the USTR’s team whines that protests are disrupting the talks, protestors led by the 60 plus delegation from South Korea stepped up the pressure by going to the offices of Cargill, an Agricultural multinational corporation deeply involved in the impoverishment of traditional Korean farmers. Also condemned was an international corporate loan shark called "Loan Star," which has been buying up Korean banks.

A traditional Korean funeral march took to the streets, marching from the US Trade Representatives office, to the IMF and World Bank, and finally to Cargill’s offices at 1101 15th st.

At Cargill, speeches and music condemned Cargill’s conduct-and called for "putting this company to death!" Speakers also invoked the memory of the Korean farmer whose sacrifice at the Cancun WTO meeting led to the collapse of the talks.

The climax of the protest was when Korean traditional drummers stormed into the lobby of 1101 15th st and took the drum vigil inside to make sure Cargill’s executives could hear it!

In addition to the finished WSQT file, the raw audio from the first section (the mix is just because it was recorded sequentially on two different tracks) and the raw recording of the two speeches are included here.

 source: DC Indymedia