Japanese and US food and farm organizations urge halt to trade talks that undermine rural livelihoods and food sovereignty

25-mai-2019IATP We urge the complete halt of US-Japan trade negotiations that undermine the livelihoods of family farmers and the sovereignty of rural communities in our two countries.

Enjeux majeurs

New report : Secret regulatory talks threaten public protections

22-mai-2019 IATPRegulatory cooperation has provided a forum for multinational business interests to influence government regulators in secretive committees that largely exclude consumer, environmental and other civil society representatives.

Textes des accords

18-avr-2019  | EU-US FTA : EU negotiating mandates (Apr 2019) As agreed by the European Council
31-mar-2019  | Australia - Hong Kong investment agreement As released by the Australian Government
7-mar-2019  | Indonesia-Australia FTA text As released by Government of Australia


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