Comisión de Hacienda aprobó TPP-11 escudándose en el protocolo del gobierno

21-aoû-2019Chile Mejor sin TLC Hacienda, Protocolo, Senado, TPP-11, Tratado transpacífico El tratado fue despachado con tres votos a favor y uno en contra, único voto en rechazo fue del Senador socialista Carlos Montes.

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TCC moves US court for enforcement of $6bn award in Reko Diq case

16-aoû-2019 Express TribuneTethyan Copper Company (TCC) has approached a court in the United States for enforcement of US$6 billion penalty imposed on Pakistan


20-aoû-2019  West Africa warned not to approach trade negotiations with EU blindly
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20-aoû-2019  RCEP ushers transition to China’s order in East Asia
Noemi: From the date 1/11/2017, JAPAN government allows foreign employees return to period and 2 with eye-catching salary. Not make criminal, based on
27-jui-2019  South Korean Prime Minister considers abolishing ISDS
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