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Pakistan, US to soon sign BIT: Jahangir Karamat

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Pakistan, US to soon sign BIT: Jahangir Karamat

7 June 2006

WASHINGTON: Former Pakistan ambassador to US, Gen (Retd) Jehangir Karamat has hoped Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) will soon be signed between Pakistan and US.

"Pakistan has certain reservations in connection with BIT. The discussion is underway in this respect. This treaty is very vital for Pakistan as it is a step towards Free Trade Agreement (FTA). US is also taking interest in this treaty and I hope it will soon be executed", he said this in an interview with Voice of America here Tuesday.

" My appointment tenure as ambassador in Washington spanned two years. These years passed very quickly and too much had happened during this period, he said adding To my opinion it was very successful period. We have done too much what we wanted to do, he added.

Karamat told that during his stay as ambassador, several bills were moved in Congress and state department. Pakistan achieved much success in them. Strategic talks between Pakistan and US will prove conducive to consolidate bilateral relations between the two countries.

"When I was army chief in Pakistan, I had relations with US top officials and talks took place, he said adding I was well cognizant of history of Pakistan-US relations. I was well aware of snags and irritants on this path. I used my past good offices during my appointment period as ambassador. The Pak-US relations can be carried forward due to this factor, he added.

It is a matter of pride to represent one’s country in some other country, he underlined. President Musharraf himself had nominated me ambassador to US, he told. I have very good and cordial relations with US, government of Pakistan and President Musharraf.

"I am not looking forward to some other post or to participate in country’s politics after my retirement, he underscored. " I wish to remain ready to extend any help if I can do being a retired general or ambassador, he asserted.

Pakistan-US relations are very vital for both the countries, he underscored. If we continue with our efforts and bolster inner power of our country, these ties can go far ahead, he stressed.