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Scrap the SPP!

Indymedia | 14 August 2007

Bush, Harper and Calderon meeting in Montebello, Quebec - Scrap the SPP!

From August 20-21, 2007, George Bush (President of the USA), Stephen Harper (Prime Minister of Canada) and Felipe Calderon (President of Mexico) will be in Montebello, Quebec, just 90 minutes from Montreal.

They are meeting at the Chateau Montebello, as part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), also known as the "Three Amigos," Summit. They claim to be talking about security and prosperity, but many critics are calling the SPP “NAFTA on steroids”.

The People’s Global Action Bloc (PGA-Bloc) is a coalition of various anti-capitalist groups from Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, and Vancouver who will be organizing actions in Montebello and across Canada from August 19-21 to show their resistance to the SPP.


 source: Indymedia